10 Second Quick Hairstyle Tutorial for Back to School

Back in high school there were two specific girl products I almost always had on hand, hair elastics (for a quick hairstyle) and feminine products (for that unfortunate time of month). I always carried my feminine products in a cute little makeup bag to make them more discreet because lets face it, in high school most of us get embarrassed during that time of month. I could care less now if someone saw me pull out a tampon from my bag!


Even when it wasn’t my time of month I made sure to have them on hand just in case I started at school or a friend of mine needed one. My all-time favorite brand to buy was U by Kotex. I admit I first tried the brand solely because of the cute packaging they had. They always had the most vibrant awesome colored products and they always came in the cute little black box.  You have to admit, pulling out one of these bright vibrant colored products make that time of month a little less crappy to have. I stuck with the brand because I found them to work the best. It was a win win situation having a product that worked the best and looked the best.


As far as hair elastics go, I cant tell you how many times I wanted to toss my hair up at school, especially during P.E. class! It was a total must for me to always have an elastic hair band on hand for a quick hairstyle. I did however loathe the way my hair looked in a normal pony, so I thought I would share with you one of my favorite quick, yet cute, way to toss your hair up in a hurry.  All you need is for a quick hairstyle is 10 seconds and one elastic hair band (I have always loved using Goody hair elastics).

By the way, I wanted to let you all know that Target is having an awesome deal where you get a pack of FREE Goody hair elastics when you buy U by Kotex at Target. Only at Target. Text ‘KOTEX’ to ‘TARGET’ (827438) to get your coupon! How awesome is that?!?

Now Lets get started on my 10 Second Quick Hairstyle Tutorial: 


  • Step 1: Pull your hair to one side and separate into two parts.



  • Step 2: Tie the two sections in a knot



  • Step 3: Tie 1 more knot into your hair under the first knot.



  • Step 4: Tighten the knots



  • Step 5: Secure the knots with your hair elastic



  • Step 6: Compete


10 second Quick Hairstyle Tutorial

What are two of our must have girl items for school?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by U by Kotex via Style Coalition. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of U by Kotex.

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    Grace Hodgin

    I love goodie products too and I love your hair style. My grand daughter would look cute in this style so I’m emailing your link to my daughter so she can show her.


    Cute hairstyle and it looks very easy to accomplish – I’m not very good with hairstyles. My teenage daughter is always bummed because I can’t french braid her hair very well, LOL! Good deal at Target, too. Thanks for sharing! I would say the two items my 17 yr.old daughter always has on hand are her Burt’s Bees lipbalm and feminine products.

    Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

    Super simple! Goody is what I always buy, they seem to protect my hair more than the other brands.


    Loving the hair tutorial!


    Love that it is simple to do but looks classy!


    That’s super cute. Times like this make me wish I had long hair!


    This is really cute and so fast. I will be using it on my daughters hair.

    Jenn Mitchell

    Love this idea. I have to see if my hair is long enough yet, but I will give it a try.


    Your hair looks really great that way. I wish I had enough to try it!
    I haven’t been in school for so long or needed tampons in so long I can’t remember :0


    Thanks for the new idea! I am always trying to figure out different things to do to my daughters hair!


    Such a great idea for a hairstyle. Pinned it my hairstyle board. When we went to school the feminine container of choice was the one that came in the box. Usually purple (so everyone knew what it was anyway!)

    JadeLouise Designs

    I love that hairstyle look! I could really have used it back when my hair was long. now I have short hair and I miss my long hair!! I want to do this. But have to grow my hair out again. lol.


    That hairstyle is so cute. I would have never guessed it would have been so easy to do had you not shown the tutorial.

    Jenna Wood

    I love, love, love this look- and it is great for any age (especially since I feel a classic pony makes me look a little too young). Thanks for the great tutotrial!


    K, I just did my hair and it looks great! I always carry an extra elastic, something in case I get surprised, and some form of antibacterial wipes in my bags no matter where I go.

    Lena B

    I love – i swear LOVE this hairstyle. I so wanna try it


    That is so cool! My daughter’s hair has to get a little longer to do that…but I know she would love it!!

    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    Antibacterial gel and chapstick for me. Your hair looks super cute that way.

    A Mom's Take

    Cute!! Love the hairstyle! I think shoes are the most important back to school item – a good pair of shoes can’t be beat.


    I love your hair! Shoes were big for my 5 year old!


    i think even i could handle that style on my hair!! i love it!

    Daisy Tremorev

    I love this 10 second tutorial. It’s so easy and I love the look.


    How cute is that hairdo!?! I bet my Teen daughter would do that too! We also have to have hair elastics on us at all times – living in Florida you never know WHAT kind of weather you are going to get. So to be able to throw your locks into a cute pony at any time is an absolute must.


    LOVE this 10 second trick, I need to show my daughters. BTW, they use these products too, mostly because they are cute colors and look cool-er than the other brands 🙂

    Jennifer Soltys

    Excellent hair do!!! My two items would be gum and a hair tie.


    When my hair was long I practically lived with a pony tail. I really like the simple look of that loose braid.


    Cute hair! I always carry feminine products in my purse. You never know when you or a friend are going to be stuck needing them!

    Melanie Roberts

    what a great look, soo simple. I have to try this with my princess tomorrow morning, her hair is always a mess…


    After seeing this, I tried it on my daughter’s hair and it looks so cute.

    Daisy Tremorev

    I want to follow up that my sister has longer hair, so I followed your instructions here and it turned out perfect. She looked so pretty!

    Lexie Lane

    Cool tutorial! I use all these except I don’t have that leopard bag 🙂 I buy the black elastics and have tons in reserve!


    That is such a cute style. I wish I had thought of this when I was in high school instead of always doing my simple ponytail.


    As an update, I actually did this style and it was cute! Thanks for linking up to the style hop this week and last.


    Wish I had known about this method before I cut my hair!! And thankfully I no longer need tampons or pads of any kind!!


    Both of these are a must!! In fact we add hair ties to our back to school supply list for my teen!

    Twingle Mommy

    I’m going to try this out on my daughter. She gets sick of the same old hairstyles and this is actually simple enough for me to do in the morning.


    I’m totally trying that hair style out with my daughter. I need idiot-proof styles and she begs me for new ones every day.

    Sarah Karandy

    I have such a hard time finding good products for my hair— thanks!


    How cute! I’d be a little afraid of tying my older daughter’s hair into permanent knots…ha!

    Taryn Pasco

    That is an awesome deal that Target is having. I can never have to many ouchless hair ties between my daughter and I! (Facebook:TJ Sims)

    Alyssa C

    Love the hairstyle, I miss my daughters hair being long, but I’ll definitely try it out on myself!


    Very cool! Love the hairstyle!

    Mama to 5 Blessings

    very cute and casual!

    Ed Joven

    Cool tutorial! Love the hairdo and you look so beautiful! 😉

    – Ed (http://www.pinoyrecipe.net)


    Great tutorial. Great post. I found your post from Karmabloggers on FB. My name on there is Alicia Justice

    Anne Sweden

    The result is very cute! I might try with my daughter.

    J Shallow-Miller

    Cute hair idea!

    Pal Raine

    This is great because my daughters can easily follow all the hair tutorial.