11 Perfect Spring Beauty Products

1. Benefit Fine-One-One, $30:  This is a total beauty must have for my purse! The Benefit Fin-One-One is a sleek, dial-up stick divided into three sections, cream blush (pink & coral) and highlighter (champagne). If you are in need of a quick complexion pick-me-up, simply pull this out and swipe one stripe onto your checks. Blend it out and you are set to go! Simple and quick for a beautiful Spring time glow to your skin anytime you need it!

2. Gillette + Olay Razors in Sugarberry, $11: With spring comes cute flirty dresses, which means, bare legs that need to stay shaved. This is easily one of the best razors I have tried in a long time. Not only did it take me mere seconds to shave because I didn’t need to apply shave gel, yet it left my legs and arms smoother than a baby’s bottom! I typically shave my arms weekly but have not had the chance to in months, so they were in desperate need of a good shave. I was surprised when I ran this razor across and saw how easily my long arm hair had been removed with just one swipe; plus, the razor did not dull out, as some others would have done.

3. EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream, $5: My new favorite shave gel! I have wanted to try this product for some time now, after falling in love with their lip balms, and wish I had tried it sooner. I tried the Lavender Jasmine scented one, which has a wonderful scent to it. The cream itself is very luxurious and a little goes a long way, so beware when first trying it out (I pumped out way to much my first time). I really love this product and think it is a must have this Spring/Summer to keep our legs nice and smooth!

4. Kenzo Amour I Love You Fragrance, $57: There are very few perfumes that I really enjoy and this is one of them! It has such a soft and delicate scent to it, perfect for all daywear. You can really smell the freshness of the grapefruit and peach notes it has and then it settles into a soft rose scent. I really enjoy this fragrance and find it perfect for the springtime.

5. Alessandro Nail Crème, $25:  I have terrible cuticles from washing my hands 50 billion times a day, so they need all the help they can get. The Alessandro nail crème does wonders for my dry cuticles. I love to leave it by my bedside and apply before falling asleep (just about the only time I am not washing my hands). I wake up with much softer and more moisturized cuticles. Oh, and did I mention it smells like your lying on the beach with a coconut/mango drink in hand? At least, that is what the smell reminds me of with its sweet mango and coco ingredients!

6. Maybelline Rocket Mascara, $6: This is a must have mascara for any girl looking for clump free lashes with lots of length and volume. I was shocked at how amazing my lashes could look when I applied this on. I am so in LOVE with this mascara and highly recommend checking it out! Moreover, it is very affordable!

7. Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Cream with HPR, $65:  I am about to turn 25 in a few short months and you can really tell I am getting older around my eye area. I have really wanted to invest in a good eye cream but could never bring myself to pay for it. I was lucky enough to try out this one and it is definitely a product worth splurging on. $65 may seem steep to some, but after you realize how long it will last, it makes it very affordable. I need the tiniest amount for both eyes, which makes it seems like I will never get through this bottle! I love the thick creamy consistency it has and it feels so wonderful when I apply on my under eye, almost like a tiny message for the eye. I have not had the product long enough to know if it is fighting my wrinkles and fine lines but I do notice a difference in the moisture and brightness around my eye area.

8. Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss in Rosy Dawn, $9:  I am a huge fan of natural products, which is one reason I love many of Burt’s Bees products. I have to admit though, when I first tried this lipgloss I was a bit disappointed. I felt like I really had to try to apply it on my lips because of the stickier texture it had (almost reminded me of putting honey on my lips). HOWEVER, I have to admit that I do really love the gloss now. After leaving it on my lips, I noticed it was really sinking into my lips and really moisturizing them. I find the pigmentation of this particular color to be more on the sheer side but I really do love the way it makes my lips feel and it gives them a nice shine!

9. Olay CC Cream – Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer with SPF, $25:  BB and CC Creams are all the rage right now, with their multitasking capabilities. The Olay CC cream has seven (7) effects on the face; It improve fine lines & wrinkles, balances uneven skin tone, reduces the appearance of age spots, improves the surface cell turnover, provides moisture, and recaptures youthful luminosity. In addition, it has an SPF of 15 and we all know how important it is to protect our skin from sun damage, especially now that its starting to warm up.

10. First Aid Beauty Ultra Skin Repair Cream, $28: A few years ago, I was sadly cursed with extremely dry skin and eczema; consequently, it has become a challenge to find moisturizing products that ACTUALLY help improve my dry skin and the pain it causes. My hands are the worse for dry skin and get to the point of bleeding sometimes because they are so dry. It does not help that I wash my hands so often but I refuse to stop washing them! For eczema, I usually only break out on my neck (that has not happened in almost a year) or eyelids. My eyelids are so sensitive that they are usually broken out with eczema every day (my right eye is worse than the left). I cannot even begin to tell you how much this cream has helped my dry skin and eczema. I apply a small amount to my eyelids or hands and it instantly moisturizes them and clears up any dry patches that were noticeable before. My husband also tried this crème on his elbows that broke out with psoriasis (stress caused) that he never had before. He loved how much it moisturized the area and gave him a relief from the itchy irritation.

11. Biolage ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment, $20:  I am a huge fan of using Macadamia oil for treating my hair and was so excited to try out this product because it had not only Macadamia oil, but also Moringa and Argan oil in it. It can be used in the shower, overnight as a treatment or after blow-drying and styling to control frizz, it is so versatile! Did I mention that it is weightless (HUGE plus for my thin hair) and adds major shine to your hair?!?


What are some of your Perfect Beauty Products for this Spring? Have you tried out any of the above products?

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    thank you for sharing these products. I haven’t heard of many of them so I’m very interested to hear about them. Great spring line up.


    I love burt’s bees and the Gilette razor as well.

    Amiyrah Martin

    This line up is fantastic! Anything that includes Burt’s Bees in it has to be a great list 🙂


    Looks like a great line up. I would love to try that razor.

    Dawn Lopez

    Ooh what an awesome list of products for spring. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


    Nice line up!

    melissa weintraub

    Thanks for all the great products!


    I want to try the Ultra Repair Balm. My hands are so dry and I need something good!

    Danielle S.

    I keep it simple with my routine and stick with a great face wash, some moisturizer, lip balm, and sometimes a swipe of mascara . I’d love to try that Burt’s Bees lip gloss!

    Two Boys One Girl

    What a great list, thanks for sharing. This will be perfect come spring.

    Dena Scroggins

    Great list of spring must haves. I would love to try some of them.

    Maria Sinclair

    Great picks! I keep hearing great things about the new gillette razors.

    Shelley Bryan

    I love mascara! I can’t wait to try this one, it sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing all of these great spring products.

    Alisha Kostiuk

    These are really great choice, I love all Burts Bees products!


    My fave is the Burt’s Bees lip gloss. Love their products!

    Jaime Nicole

    Awesome picks! I’d love to try the Kenzo fragrance – I love peachy notes!


    I use those razors and like them a lot. They work well, but I have never seen a lot of the other products. I will look for the Rocket mascara. I could totally use it.

    Jennifer Clay

    These are some great products. I have used EOS before and loved it! Thanks for sharing this great list!

    Mama to 4 Blessings


    Kristen Jeffery

    I didn’ know burts bees had lip gloss. I want to try it!

    melissa weintraub

    I also didn’t know burt bees has lip glosses! Those look awesome!