Hi! I’m Kristyn, a 27-year-old fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger currently residing in Texas with my family; Eric (spouse), Julianna (7 year old daughter) and Rayden (2 year old son). I graduated with my major in business from Liberty University and at the age of 21 became a military spouse. The constant moving around stateside and overseas made it near impossible to keep a career for myself, so I became a homemaker while overseas in Germany. I quickly found myself with too much time on my hands, along with too much creativeness inside me to just ignore. I became very aware of the blogosphere with all the free time on my hands and thought to myself… why not start your own blog and make it a career you could keep? Since it was all done via the web, I could keep a career even with all the moving around with the military. Thus, Glamour-Zine was born.


Glamour-Zine is my creative outlet where I share my personal style through my daily outfits, beauty tips, home decor and other things I am passionate about. With the support and help of my husband, I built Glamour-Zine from the ground up and have turned it into a full time business that I can do from home, which still allows me to be a wonderful mom to my two kiddos and supportive military spouse. I feel beyond blessed to call this my career and hope to be an inspiration to you all.

Though many see fashion as materialism, I see it as more. Fashion to me is a way to express yourself with a sense of feeling and confidence. How you dress is a direct reflection of who you are. You can send a message to the world about you just by the way you dress. It tells a story, so why not make it a good story? Through my blog I hope to uncover styling secrets that we can all call our very own. I want to inspire you to find your own sense of style and creativity; after all, fashion was created for, you! Us! Everyone!

The Glamour-Zine team specializes in graphic enterprise, photography, outfit designs, styling, social media, accessorizing, layout schemes, and much more. At Glamour-Zine, our goal is to be the look book of inspiration and creativity. We strive to embody, design and style a picture-perfect appearance that is right for you. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but fashion reigns from the heart of creativity and the courage to try something new!