And We’re Back with Milani Cosmetics– One Coat Glitter Blue Flash Nail Lacquer

Welcome back, Ladies! Milani Cosmetics has something umm…electric to share with you today. It’s called Blue Flash. It’s part of Milani’s nail lacquer collection. More specifically, its One Coat Glitter nail lacquer—easy and painless beauty, ehh?

I personally enjoyed its look with two coats, but I suppose had I made it a little thicker the first time, I may not have needed a second.The first time I wore it, it lasted 6 days without a top coat (I ran out); the second time it lasted 5 days—so I’m sure over a week would be cake with top coat. It’s got a standard bottle design, however it’s what’s inside that really caught my eye… and everyone’s eye that I work with, too!


I tried Thin Glitter, Thick Glitter, and Glitter with Deep Pink Polish underneath. I don’t think layers works in this case, you can’t really tell on my toes…but I’m not a nail art expert, either 😉 I also got glitter allll over the place– so be careful!

What is unique about this polish has to be the various sizes of the glitter in it. It is just so glamorous and attractive! It has micro glitter pieces in it along with your standard confetti glitter—all in a stunning blue that just makes your fingers pop. They have other colors to offer as well. I’d also like to make mention of their Jewel FX Nail Lacquer in Teal or Hot Pink—I would LOVE to wear this on my nights out, or even just for a fun girl’s night in.

For those unaware, Milani Cosmetics offer a great deal more than simply Nail Lacquers, and I suggest you fill yourself in on the details over on their home page. No matter what mood you’re in—they’ve got just the thing.

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