Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Review & National Fragrance Day!


I’m a huge fan of Bath & Body Works and as America’s #1 go-to for all things fragrance, I am sure you are too! One of my favorite scents recently released by Bath and Body Works is Pink Chiffon. Pink Chiffon is a light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals and vanilla chiffon icing that captures the grace of a ballerina in a romantic scent with key fragrance notes of Red Pear, Vanilla Orchid and Whipped Chiffon Musk. I have only tired Pink Chiffon in the shower gel and body lotion but I am absolutely in LOVE with this new scent. To me it has a soft, low key sweet girly scent to it. I really like that Its not over powering, just a gorgeous scent.  To make the scent last longer I use the shower gel while in the shower and then apply the body lotion before getting dressed. I find that using the two together helps keep the scent lasting longer on me. I hope to get the fragrance mist soon to really keep the smell lasting on me all day!

Products and Prices of Pink Chiffon:

Shower Gel ($11.00), Body Lotion ($11.00), Fragrance Mist ($12.50),Eau De Toilette ($29.50) Body Cream ($12.50), Triple Moisture Body Butter($12.50) Shimmer Mist ($14.00), Shimmer Body Cream ($14.00)

Where to buy: Bath & Body Works stores and

I also wanted to let you all know about National Fragrance Day:

Wednesday, March 21st is National Fragrance Day and Bath & Body Works will be celebrating in a big way via social media! LIKE them on Facebook and FOLLOW us on twitter to get a sneak peak at our exclusive offerings.First 20 people at each store, who make Bath & Body Works their Facebook status update will receive a FREE Full Size Fragrance Mist w/$10 purchase. Each hour Bath & Body Works will highlight one of our top 5 fragrances and giveaway 5 prizes on Twitter and 5 on Facebook!!

Twitter: @LUVBBW

Have you tried Pink Chiffon? If so do you like it? If not what is your favorite scent from Bath and Body Works? Let me know in the comments below!!

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    Jewels for Hope

    Ohh that scent sounds like it smells so nice! Must find out now LOL 🙂

    Still Blonde after a

    pink chiffon is such a pretty name. Your review makes me want to check it out…prices seem affordable


    I love Bath and Body Works! I have not tried this scent yet though so I am definitely gonna be checking it out. Thanks for sharing

    Bonnie Hilley

    I would love to try Pink Chiffon. It sounds so femanine and I think I would like it.


    I never heard of the pink chiffon! Sounds great:)

    Tiffany Cruz

    It sounds like it would smell really good. You're making me want to drive to the mall now and buy some new fragrances.


    I'm a Bath and Body Words junkie! This is another fab product for me to check out!

    [email protected] The Spring Mou

    It sounds like it would smell amazing. I will have to go in the next time I get to the mall and check it out. I am always looking for a nice light smell I like, and I love anything with a vanilla hint.


    That sounds like a wonderful smell, I need to get in and try it!


    I love the name "Pink Chiffon" as well. It's so fun and girly. I must check it out!