Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Review and swatches

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A few weeks ago I received a box in the mail from, Be A Bombshell Cosmetics, full of wonderful makeup goodies! First of all, let me just start off by pointing out how awesome their packaging is! They are packaged in sleek black boxes and containers, similar to MAC packaging. The shadow and blush lids are clear making it easy to see the color. All of the products also have the awesome Bombshell logo somewhere on them,  totally cute right?!?


I received 8 products in my box: 3 eye shadows, 3 lip glosses, liquid eyeliner, and blush. I will be giving a full review on all products with pictures included


Lets first start off with the 3 lip glosses that I received:

  • Kiss Off
  • Hot Mess
  • Last Call Girl

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the lip glosses I received!  The applicator of the gloss is a doe foot wand, which is my personal favorite. In my opinion, Doe Foot wands allow for an easy and even application. The lip glosses are super smooth and creamy with great pigmentation. I didn’t notice a scent on any of the glosses that I received. I really love the longer wear that the glosses provide and the way they sit on my lips. My only suggestion is to rub your lips together a few times after applying the gloss and then letting it sit for a minute or so. After waiting a minute the gloss sits really nicely. A tip that I have when applying the shades: with Hot Mess and Last Call Girl, apply a lip liner first because the glosses are super bright and creamy so mess-ups are more noticeable. I didn’t apply lip liner in the photos, I just used my fingers to clean up the edges, which works almost as well.

Hot Mess is a very richly pigmented glass-like shine red lip gloss. It is like a high shine liquid lipstick. I love the color payoff on this gloss and think it’s the perfect red for that little black dress! Hot for sure!!

Last Call Girl Lip Gloss– This is a hot pink lip gloss with an opaque finish and one of my personal favorite shades! I definitely rock the pink shades more often

Kiss Off– A sheer shimmery pink that enhances my natural lip color but adds some sparkle to it! I like this shade as an everyday shade or when I am in a hurry because I don’t have to apply it as carefully as the brighter colors.


They have 2 additional shades for you to choose from on their site. Lip glosses are priced at $10.95.

Next Up are the 3 eye shadows that I received:

  • Birthday Suit
  • Money Money
  • Tease









I really do love all three eye shadows that I received. One of thee main reasons that I love them so much is their staying power. My eye shadows  stayed in place all day and didn’t crease at all (I never apply shadow without primer so I am not sure how they are without primer though). In fact even when I swatch the shadows on my wrist I can rub over them countless times and they don’t fade or smear, even with water! I had to press extremely hard in order for the color to start fading away, but they do come off really easily with baby wipes or makeup remover  

Money Money is a phenomenal eye shadow like no other color I own. It is a shimmery blackish eye shadow with greenish-gold undertones. I really enjoy this eye shadow because it has great pigmentation and makes the perfect smoky eye.

Birthday Suit is a matte bone color perfect to apply as a base all over your lid.

Tease is a blue gray color enhanced with shimmer that almost creates a tinge of green. I absolutely love this color and the shimmer it has. It is a little sheer with one layer but builds into a beautiful color with an added layer!

I created the look below using all three colors above. I used Birthday Suit for my entire lid, crease, and brow bone. I then added Tease onto the outer corner of my lids and blended into the crease as well. Lastly, I applied Money Money onto my outer V to add more definition to the look.

Next Up is the Onyx Eyeliner-

This is a pen eyeliner that I am absolutely in LOVE with! It applies very easily and precisely with the tip applicator. It glides on so smooth and looks amazing on the lid. I love how it has a slightly thicker tip than other pen eyeliners that I have seen. In this photo below you can really see how great this looks applied. In my opinion it provides the perfect thickness in one swipe for lining my eyelids! I also really like the pigmentation and how quickly it dries, to prevent any smearing. Like the eye shadows it stays on very well and doesn’t smear or fade when wearing.


Last up is the Blush that I received in the shade, Beach Please.



Beach Please is a Bright Pink shade that mimics your skins natural flush with a “just hit the slopes” type glow. In the picture below you can see the natural glow my cheeks have from this blush. I really love this blush for a natural look. It look very bright when first applying but once you blend it in you get a beautiful, natural glow! You can see my complete look wearing all 3 eyes shadows, eyeliner, blush, and kiss off lip gloss in the picture below!


Be a Bombshell is  offering a coupon code  for my readers.  The coupon code is KSQUARED15 for 15% off of your entire order and it is good  until March 16, 2012!


I am also having a giveaway for a package  their best selling look “The Smolder” stay tuned for that giveaway coming very soon!


Let me know if you have ever tried Be A Bombshell Cosmetics or like any of the products/colors I mentioned in this post in the comments below.

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    Julie M.

    wow, these are some beautiful cosmetics. I think it looks very "high-end" too! Nice!

    Karen Foster

    I think I would LOVE these!

    Rachel Clewell

    I love you review! How awesome!!! I love make up I am going to have to try this one out!

      Kilcullen Kristyn

      thank you! I am happy to hear that you love the review. I love makeup too 🙂 Be a Bombshell has great products at great prices, they are really worth trying out!

    Trisha G.

    I seriously need a pen eyeliner, it would probably would make putting on eyeliner soooo much easier! Thanks for the review, def going to check Be a Bombshell out!


    I've never heard of them but am going to look into them as I love that eyeliner and the eyeshadows!


    I'm also following you here and on pinterest. 🙂

    Have a good morning!

    Nicole (Mama to 4 Bl

    looks like a nice cosmetic line – thanks for sharing

    Sonja S

    The makeup looks great. Thanks for sharing this great deal.

    Sarah Lewis

    Ooooh that lip gloss looks AMAZING! Going to have to get me some of that!!!

    Danielle @Royalegacy

    This is a great deal. I love that eyeliner. Thanks for the review. Checking it out right now.

    sharon martin

    First time Ive heard of them, seems like a great beauty line and the pricing of the deals are great, thanks for the info x

    bombshell dresses

    What a perfect bombshell make-up sets! It has every thing in the box?! Awesome.

    Lena - @elenka29

    Love the lip gloss – so awesome


    Oh I Love the eyeliner!

    Brooke @ Untrained H

    I love those shades of eyeshadow, and "kiss off" is my fave! Nice packaging too, thanks for sharing about this company, had never heard of it.