DIY Cocoa Butter & Rose Handmade Bath Bombs


cratejoy diy homemade cocoa butter bath bombs with roseSomething you may or may not know about me is that I love to craft. DIY’s are truly a passion of mine, I just wish I had more time to actually plan out, shop and complete my DIY projects. Cratejoy understands my love for DIY projects and offers several crafting and DIY monthly subscription boxes. I actually love subscription boxes and have tried out several ones but have never come across a crafting/DIY one before, so I was truly excited to get my 1st monthly box from Cratejoy. I choose the Handmade beauty box, though they offer several different ones in this category. They actually offer a plethora of other subscription boxes in many different categories from Beauty & Fashion to Home and Living to Family & Kids and so much more.  I’d love to try the Fitness Enjoy Leggings box or Paleo Box next and my husband is all about the squawk box since I gifted him a Senegal parrot for his birthday last month.

ingredients for bath bombs cratejoy

In this month’s Handmade Beauty Box I received all the ingredients to make Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs infused with Rose! Anyone else love bath bombs?? I do! but they can get highly expensive, so making handmade bath bombs is a great way to save money on pampering yourself now and again. The box came with enough ingredients to make 9 large bath bombs with a ton left over. I actually made some baby bath bombs for my kiddos in small silicone pineapple molds I had on hand with some of the extra mixture. The box also comes with step by step instruction on how to make the bath bombs, which I followed.

Step 1: Add all of the Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid into a mixing bowl and stir with either your hands or a whisk until mixture is fully incorporated without lumps. An easy way to avoid lumps is to place the mixture through a sifter first.

homemade bath bombs step 1

Step 2: Melt the Cocoa Butter Pastilles in a small heat safe container using the microwave.  Use 15 second intervals and stir in between each 15 seconds until fully melted. Be careful, it will get hot!

homemade bath bombs step 2

Step 3-4: Add both the melted Cocoa Butter Pastilles and 10-15 ml Fragrance Oil to the powdery mixture. Mix together thoroughly. Separate the full mixed powder into two separate bowls as evenly as possible.

homemade bath bombs step 3-4

Step 5: Add all of the Coral Mica into the first bowl and leave the second bowl uncolored. Thoroughly mix colorant.

homemade bath bombs step 5

Step 6: Spritz Which Hazel over the first bowl until their is enough moisture to allow the mixture to stick together when you squeeze a fistful. Repeat to the 2nd uncolored bowl.

homemade bath bombs step 6

Step 7: Sprinkle a few rose petals into each disk mold or silicone mold, followed by sprinkling small mounts of the coral and white mixture into the round disk molds. You can alternate colors to create layers. Next, firmly and evenly press down the layers into the mold and adding more layers until the mold is full.

homemade bath bombs step 7

Step 8: Cut out the included stickers and and label each disk mold. Let dry, untouched for 6-10 hours or you might risk crumbling of the bath bombs. Enjoy 1 bath bomb per full tub of bath water or half a bomb for half a tub of water.

homemade bath bombs DIY step 8

bath bomb recipe diy bath bombs make your own bath bomb making bath bombs

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