DIY Lip Print, Ampersand and Chanel Office Decor

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I am so excited to share today’s post with you all! If you follow me on social media, you may recall that my family and I moved back into our home in May (we had moved out and rented it out while we were in another state) and after finally getting the rest of the house put together, I started renovating my home office in June. It’s been a work in progress to say the least, and it’s far from done, but I wanted to share where I am with it now, along with a few quick, affordable and fun DIY projects I created to help decorate my new room.

During my office renovation I changed all of my furniture to white and changed my office color theme to include creamy beige, light pink and taupe with rose gold and gold accents, similar to my blog’s theme. I didn’t have a ton of wall space left over to decorate with after I, with the help of my parents, finished building all the new furniture. I did, however, have a ton of shelf space that needed some love. This is when I decided to create some DIY projects to fill in those empty shelves.

For these projects I used mostly stuff I already had on hand, with the exception of purchasing wooden ampersand, lip stencil, and paint in my new color theme.

After learning about Ace’s $.99 Color Sample Pint paint promotion this weekend (good through the end of August!), I planned a crafting night with my bestie to complete some décor projects. I went online to to get tips, inspiration and to pick out the exact colors I wanted in each shade. I was immediately drawn to the OPI paint collection by Clark+Kensington and chose most of my colors from there. My husband was out running errands, so I asked him to swing by Ace Hardware and pick up the colors I had picked out online, along with a few painting supplies, like painters tape and brushes. He came home with all the paint I asked for and tons of painting supplies. He ended up buying a roller brush, paintbrushes and sponge brushes as well as several different sizes of painters tape. I should have been more specific on exactly what painting supplies I needed lol.

Let’s go ahead and dive into the Décor Projects I, with the help of my bestie, created Saturday night.


I wouldn’t be a true fashion blogger if I didn’t have an ampersand in my home office, so this DIY was at the top of my to-make list haha. Most of the time I see the ampersand spray painted gold and have seen them in black and white stripes with gold at the bottom. But I haven’t seen a rose gold striped one like I created, so I hope you enjoy the way this turned out as much as I did!

Materials needed:

Step 1: Paint your entire Ampersand in Bubble Gum Pink (or color of choice) and let dry.

Step 2: Apply Painters tape at a slight angle to create the stripes, leaving a larger amount left at the bottom for the third color.

Step 3: Paint Swiss Coffee (or color of choice) over the bubblegum pink where you created the stripes. Let dry.

Step 4: Once dry, cover the top portion you painted and spray paint the larger bottom area with the Rose Gold spray paint (or color of choice).

I absolutely love the way this project turned out! I only wish I hadn’t accidentally touched the spray paint area with my fingertip before it dried. We had to spray over it to fix where I messed it up and it cause it to be darker then the surrounding area. I am tempted to repaint it with regular paint and then spray paint over it again.



Project #2: Lip Print

Another project I wanted to create was a lip print in rose gold. This project is very simple and only a few supplies are needed.

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Paint your board with Swiss Coffee (or paint of choice) and let dry.

Tip* I used a mini roller brush for this step since the hubby had purchased one and it was a game changer for me! Normally Melinda and I use a foam brush when we make our signs but I actually loved the mini roller brush better. I was able to paint the board in a few seconds and it was less streaky. I just dipped the roller brush vertically into the paint and went straight to the board with it. I didn’t even bother with a paint tray.

Step 2: Apply your lip stencil to the board and tape around the stencil. Make sure it’s on really well to avoid any dripping.

Step 3: Spray 2-3 coats of the Rose Gold spray Paint (or color of choice) to the board and let dry.

Step 4: Remove the Painters tape and stencil from board.

I’m obsessed with how this project turned out! What do you think?


Project #3: Keep Calm and Stay Classy

Materials needed:

Step 1: Paint 2-3 coats of Bubble Bath to your board (or paint of choice) and let dry.

Step 2: Apply your Keep Calm Vinyl Wording to your board.

Step 3: Glue the Craft Pearls onto the C one by one.


Project #4 Repurposing Cards/Photo Prints

These were the quickest, most affordable and easiest projects to do. I had several adorable cards lying around my office that were mailed with purchases I made or from PR companies that I didn’t want to throw away, so I turned them into office décor. The pineapple photo and never ending happy photo were actually both cards that came in a monthly box. They were so beautiful- I was instantly inspired to make a project with them. The Henry Bendel Card was also in the same monthly box with a coupon code on the back. I loved the fashion illustration of it so much that I had to make a project with it as well. The last card I used was a handwritten one from Tieks. It came with my last TIEKS shoes purchase and was too beautiful to throw away. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while as decor but I wanted to make it officially into décor.

Materials Needed: 

For the Henry Bendel and Never Ending cards, I spray painted the frames and let them dry. Once dry, I placed the cards in them. For the Tieks card I used glitter craft paper I had on had on hand and created a frame with it. I then used Mod Podge to adhere it to the frame and mounted it on a wooden board.

Ikea Alex Drawers // Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit // Sunglasses Acrylic Holder

Sunglasses Acrylic Holder

IKEA Lack Wall Shelf

We created all 7 projects in about 4 hours on Saturday Night. It was a fun girls night for us and was an inexpensive way to glam up my Office. I will continue making these DIY projects for my office décor, so let me know if you would like to see more of them on the blog!

Again, my office is far from finished but I wanted to share some of these easy, affordable and fun DIY projects we created thus far for decor in my office.


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    ellen ross

    This is such a beautiful setup! and I love how light it is in color

    XO Ellen from Ask Away


    I am really interested in buying the lip vinyl from your friend but I am having a hard time finding her business to place an order.


      Hi Tina! My friends said you can email her at [email protected] and I she can PayPal invoice you for the order! You can also search #laniercreations on Instagram or fb to see other vinyl she has done as well

    Karen Yannacio Morse

    Stop it with this amazing creativity and talent!!! Love all of this!!
    xx, Karen

    Adaleta Avdic

    Loving all of the decor & your awesome DIY skills. Love how you’ve done everything! xx

    Mary K

    Your DIY skills are stellar! Love all these projects!!


    Victoria Norris

    OBSESSED with that lip print! I’ve seen gold foil lip prints everywhere, and they are just too cute!
    xx, Victoria

    Elle Spann

    so fun!! I do the same thing with re purposing cards and magazine clippings. It very rewarding to do projects like these- good job!

    Southern Elle Style

    Samantha Curtis

    OMG I am seriously in love with all of this! I need a room exactly like this… love love love. You are so creative!!

    Kyla Currier

    I love all of these! I need some new decorations in my room! I’m going to try these out!
    xo, Kyla – KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis


    These are all so cute and add a lot of character to your space! It’s great because since you made them, they are personalized to match your own style!


    I love this! I am so excited for one day when I have an office at hoem and can have fun decorations like this!

    Betsy Burleson

    What fun projects! You make them seem so easy. I really want to do the ampersand and the lip! So cute.

    Thanks for the step by steps.


    Taylor McLemore

    OMG I love it all!! There’s nothing more that I love than a little DIY! I did similar things in my office when I moved in with my boyfriend!

    Jessica at Team Wiking

    This stuff is so adorable, I really love the pineapple! And I’m a little jealous that you have room to keep your purses on a shelf, haha.

    Valery Brennan

    OMG I LOVE these projects! Even though I’m a big DIY girl sometimes the projects don’t look nearly as classy or nice as I want them to and all these projects are bomb. Totally saving this because I’m definitely in need of a refresh!

    Christina Beauchamp

    I can’t believe these decor items are DIY! They look beautiful!! I’m so impressed 🙂 Love the feminine look!

    xx, Christina

    Fashion & Frills

    My Friend Elle

    wow, you have such a talent with color palettes! These all look great!

    Have courage,

    Elle | Elleword

    Shotguns & Seashells

    I cannot believe you did all of this! I am so impressed with you DIY skills…I could never do this!


    This space looks so cute! I love the color scheme. Can’t wait to try a few of these projects for my own space. Thanks for the inspirations!

    Katrina |