Dry Skin Saviours

Dry Skin Saviours for feet eyes lips body and hands

Let dry skin be a thing of the past with these 7 creams, butters and balms to keep your face, body and lips hydrated!

Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner Skin Conditioner - Blank[/pipdig_left]

Feed and nourish your dry skin with Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Skin Conditioner. Deep hydration with powerful stimulators like argan oil, Brazil nut, almond oils, cocoa, shea and cupuacu butters concentrate on plumping up and rejuvenating the skin for a nice healthy glow. Its used just like you would use conditioner on your hair, but on your body instead. Simply massage over wet skin and rinse off. This will leave your skin so soft that there will be no need to moisturize afterwards. Plus, you will smell absolutely heavenly with the Rose Jam scent it leaves on you!

[pipdig_left]Nyakio Hydrating Lip Balm with Kola Nut - Blank[/pipdig_left]

I have been searching for the perfect lip balm for years. Sure, there are thousands out there to choose from, and yes, many provide momentary relief for your dried out lips but are they really effective in the long run? Most lip balm I have tried in the past work for a few hours but never actually heal my dry lips and I am forced to continue reapplying that lip balm all day every day. You see, they simply mask the problem momentarily and my lips become addicted and depended upon them. However, the Nyakio hydrating lip balm with Kola Nut is different. Not only does it moisturize, relieve, soothe, renew and provide immediate comfort to my lips but it also lasts without me having to reapply an hour later. This luxurious lip treatment is made with Ivory Coast Kola Nut, the African Miracle Oil, Marula, South African Trichilia Oil and Honey for the ultimate lip hydration.
[pipdig_left]Nubian Heritage Shea Butter infused with Indian Hemp and Haitian Vetiver - Blank[/pipdig_left]

Shea Butter infused with Indian Hemp and Haitian Vevtiver?!?! Yes Please! This product by Nubian Heritage is a natural wonder for the skin. Its perfect for all skin types, even sensitive, and is suitable for the entire body; however, I personally love using it for my feet! I love to wear sandals and walk around barefoot and we all know how dried out our feet gets from that. I haven’t found a better product then this for moisturizing my feet and healing the dried cracked skin around my heels. It’s anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and balancing all in one. Plus, it has the most divine smell that I cant quite describe but its so fresh and refreshing. pharmaca.com[block]7[/block][pipdig_left]Kate Somerville Eczema Therapy Cream - Blank[/pipdig_left]

Relieve the itching and dryness that is associated with dry skin conditions, such as Eczema, while also soothing the irritation and restoring the skin’s natural barrier function with Kate Sommerville’s Eczema Therapy Cream. It’s gentle enough for daily use, moisturizes for up to 24 hours and is formulated with Colloidal Oatmeal, a known skin-protecting ingredient for eczema. As an eczema sufferer myself, I can attest to the fact that this stuff truly works and has been a little miracle in a tube for me!
[pipdig_left]emerginC scientific organics photocell detox mask - Blank[/pipdig_left]

One of the best ways to make sure your face stays moisturized is to first remove the impurities with a “detox” mask, such as the emergincC scientific organics phytocell detox mask. This mask not only draws out impurities but it also nourishes and soothes dry skin while fighting free-radical damage for a brighter and more improved skin tone and texture. This mask is a favorite of mine and I have seriously never felt such soft, smooth skin on my face then I have after using this. With good for your skin ingredients like French Green Clay, Kombucha, Grape Stem Cells, and Algae Extract, it’s no wonder!
[pipdig_left]Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask - Blank[/pipdig_left]

What area do most women forget to hydrate? The eyes! They often think that their facial moisturizer is enough when in fact its not. None of us want to show the signs of aging in our eyes, so its important to keep them nourished and moisturized. A great way to do that is with an eye mask. My personal favorite? The Tactcha Lumious Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask. This unique coconut-derived biocellulose mask was originally developed to speed healing for burn victims because it forms an occlusive layer on the skin. Not to forgo the fact that it’s also made with Tatcha’s Okinawa Red Algae blend and nourishing Peony extract. The result? Luminous, purified skin in minutes with the look of hydrated, revitalized eyes.

Raw Beauty Kat Burki Hand Therapy - Blank[/pipdig_left]

Keeping your hands super hydrated and fully moisturized is more important than you may think and this vitamin enriched Hand Therapy by Raw Beauty Kat Burki was designed to moisturize and maintain softness to even the driest of hands. The combination of Palm, Sunflower and Safflower Seed Oils help your hand to maintain a super high level of moisture throughout the entire dy. Plus, it has a proprietary organic herb blend of Calendula, Chamomile and more, which helps to smooth skin texture and replenish hydration. It is very therapeutic!


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    Brenda Lawrence

    Love Ro’s Argan! It has the most delicious scent ever! Great picks, with fall & winter coming up, I definitely need to stock up on my moisturizing lotions!


    Oh this is awesome!! I am going to check out all of these products 🙂

    Weekends With Winter

    I really want to try the Ro’s Argan! I’m always looking for moisturizing products so this is right up my alley.

    Shipra Taneja

    What a great selection of goodies! No dry hands this Winter! ♥


    I want that Lush body lotion! I want all the things Lush, if we’re being honest 😉


    Lush has the best stuff – Love Ro’s Argan

    Laurel Wads

    I have the worst skin I swear. I will have to look more into these products!


    I always struggle with dry skin and I live in the desert. Thanks for some great products to try!


      i live in dessert to and these products work great for my dry skin. I hope they work for you too!

    esther julee

    I probably need to pick up some of these. I never used to have dry skin problems until we moved to Vegas!

    Stefany @ ToBeThode

    I have not heard of any of these products but I will be sure to check them out! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Karissa Ancell

    I want to try the lip products. I love stuff for lips.


    I have really dry skin so these will come in handy. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Brittany Miller

    I needed these tips, thanks!


    yes, I love LUSH products! I haven’t tried this one but I shop there all the time. I’ll put this on my list! Thanks!

    JoAnn Madden Crohn

    I love all products argyn oil! Thanks for sharing!


    With winter coming my skin needs all the help it can get! Thank you for this list 😀


    I love Shea Butter – these all sound lovely. Especially for the transition from summer to autumn.

    Katie <3

    Susan @ 2catsandchloe

    Great review of these products! I am going to have to get a few of them to give them a shot as fall arrives! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica at Team Wiking

    That Lush body conditioner looks so amazing. They’re a favorite for most everything right now. 🙂

    Mandi Kane

    I love Lush products. And their packaging.


    Thank you. I need to be saved from my dry skin.


    What a great post – I have dry skin year round that gets worse in the winter, so this is going to be helpful!


    Gosh I totally forget my eyes! I was just thinking about that!!! Great product round up!!!


    thx for all the suggestions! I am the worst at taking care of my skin! I need to remember to moisturize!! I’ve heard great things of lush products too!

    Jemma Andrew

    Shea butter is great for dry skin, love it!

    Kristine Foley

    I love finding and trying new products! Thanks for all the info!

    Ayana Pitterson

    I have the DRYEST skin and have gone through so many products to get some relief. I will definitely be checking out the above for sure. Thanks for sharing.
    Thrifting Diva


      if your dry skin is as bad as mine these products will do wonders for you too 🙂