Summertime Essential :: Levi’s 501 shorts

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With things heating up outside, it’s time I start shopping for my summer wardrobe. Since I was pregnant this time last year, I don’t have many summer pieces left over. The number one fashion piece I need to keep me equipped for summer has to be a good pair of denim shorts. Whether they are distressed, cut-off, dyed, or embellished, I have to have at least one pair (if not several) in my closet. They are considered a staple piece to every girl’s wardrobe and the first item on my list to get. They can be dressed up with a blazer and heels, dressed down with a plain white tee and wedges, or worn over a swimsuit with flip-flops.

So what’s my denim of choice this year? Levi’s 501 shorts! They come in several Vintage-inspired styles with the same iconic fit that started it all, Levi’s 501® Shorts have been loved by every generation.


So tell me, how are you getting equipped for summer? What are the essentials in your closet this  season?

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    Such cute jean shorts. If I didn’t already have more than I need, I would think about getting a pair.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins


      I know how that is lol! I don’t have hat problem this year with shorts though.