Favorite Spring Trends with Monroe & Main + a GIVEAWAY!

spring fashion trends 2015

This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Today I am so excited to partner with Monroe and Main and share two of my favorite Spring trends this year. Though I am crazy about many of the Spring trends, I wanted to share these particular two because they are timeless classics that never go out of style. The two trends that I am talking about are Romantic Lace and Black & White.

Delicate Lace patterns were seen all over the runway by the most popular fashion designers this year and its no surprise! I personally love how versatile lace pieces are; from girly vibes, to hobo chic, to sexy and everything in between, Lace can be worn in so many styles.

I recently added this gorgeous Lace Peplum style top from Monroe and Main to my spring/summer wardrobe and couldn’t be happier with it! From the delicate lace detailing, to the cinched in elastic band waist, to the gorgeous sleeves, I adore everything about it!

For this particular look I decided to play the classy chic vibe.

Monroe and Main Lace Peplum Top_-8

Monroe and Main Lace Peplum Top_-14

Monroe and Main Lace Peplum Top_-21 Monroe and Main Lace Peplum Top_-13 Monroe and Main Lace Peplum Top_-19


Black and White is always in style and a trend we will see time and time again on the runway. I have several black and white pieces in my closet already but what I don’t have is fun trendy pieces in black and white, which is why I choose to add this gorgeous black & white color block leather cross body bag and black & white sunnies into my wardrobe this spring/summer.

For this particular look I went with more of a rocker chic vibe.

Monroe and Main Black and White_-2 Monroe and Main Black and White_-14 Monroe and Main Black and White_-20 Monroe and Main Black and White_-3

Monroe and Main Black and White_-12

  Be sure to visit all the other lovely bloggers below and enter their giveaways for more chances to win! 

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    Livivua Ramsey

    I learned ankle straps for spring are comfortable and give more support to walk around in.


    I learned that Bohemian patterns are coming back in style. I may need to update my wardrobe! Thanks.

    Isa Val

    Accessories for next season suggest colors pop and favor the expression of one’s personality.

    Alina Conn

    Ankle straps provide a little more support for all day wear.

    Lindsay Fouts

    flats are still trendy this spring


    This season’s handbags are bright, colorful and full of pattern.


    Bohemian beads…are the best way to make an outfit fresh!

    Angela W

    This season’s purses are sure to be colorful, patterned, textured or all of the above!


    Wear bright blue Boho earrings with a black blazer at work, for instance.

    tammy S

    That Colorful Bohemian patterns and beaded jewelry is a big tend for spring along with flasts colorful & texture bags also

    alice f

    I learned that the 70s look is going to be very fashionable this spring.


    I learned that pendants are trending this Spring!

    Karla P.

    I learned that flats are trending this season. I am glad they are because I love flats!


    Bold shapes and bright colors is the Spring fashion trend.

    Christy DuBois

    I did not realize that pendant necklaces were going to be one of the top three Nevklace styles for the spring. I do like pendants and have had some for years.


    I learned that pendant necklaces are a huge jewelry trend this spring. That’s going to help me when I choose birthday gifts for my daughter and nieces.


    I love the Sexy Tropics Dress such a fun color and fit great for this summer/spring


    I like the Vinny Circle Duster because I like the color and the flare

    Erin G

    I’m really loving the Wowi Maui Dress. The colors are beautiful and I like the way it fits. It would be perfect for date night with my hubby or to church.


    I love the Golden Girl Dress,its fit n flare,love the color and also it is stunning


    I really like the Carren Surplice Dress because it has a subtle pattern and the color looks really pretty!

    Alice S

    I like the Heathered Stripe Top because it looks great on the model. I just hope it would look great on me too. 🙂

    Alona Young

    I love the Sheer Attitude Dress, the style is so cool!


    I like the Olympia Pleated Dress – elegant and feminine. Thanks!


    I love the Geometric Dress – Brilliant bands of geometrics run this way and that. Very stunning and avant pop

    Heather ツ

    The Taj Dress, I love the colors and print and it looks very feminine.

    Hazell Perez

    I love the Fire and Ice Dress it gives you glamour & slims your figure beautiful colors love it! Those colors are so beautiful for a date with my hubby so chic!

    Joely Smith

    You look amazing! Should be a pro model! Love the way you styled everything.

    Joely Smith

    My favorite items from Monroe and Main spring line are many but I am loving the Funk it Up tunic which I must order!


    I really like the Print Peplum top and how versatile it could be!
    via Rhonda W G.

    Trisha B.

    I love the stretch cotton bright jacket so much! It’s versatile and would go great with any outfit.

    Shawndra Befort

    I like the date night cami. It’s cute plus you can wear alone or under a jacket, blazer, etc.


    My favorite item from the spring collection is the Lunch with The Girls Dress, I love the print and the cut.

    Eg Kaufman

    I love the Geometric Dress. The colors are vibrant & it would be perfect for date night with the hubby.


    Such nice dresses! I especially love the Wowi Maui dress. Great shape and pattern!


    I like the Scuba Fit N Flare Dress. I like that it’s simple and can be worn with or without a blouse 😉


    I like the Floral Starburst Dress because it’s perfect for date night with my husband.

    Helen May

    I like the Sheer Attitude Dress. You can accessorize it with many different colors.


    I love the Lunch With the Girls dress! Such a fun print and great colors.

    Seyma Shabbir

    I love the Moroccan Panel Dress! Very colorful and looks so comfortable also!


    I love the Masayo Maxi dress. Its so pretty and light for spring/summer. It gets hot here in TX

    Terra Heck

    My favorite is the Vinny Pencil Knit Skirt. It would flatter my body and would be great to wear to a wedding or a semi-formal event. Thanks. partymix25(at)Hotmail(dot)com

    Ancilla J.

    OK that was hard to choose, I love all the styles. Its hard to find clothing to complement my shape but I really like the way they do dresses. I would get the Paisley Flutter Dress, I love the top design and how it flows out.

    Kimberly M.

    I love the Lunch With Girls dress!! Very beautiful for Spring!

    Rebecca A

    Love the Stripe Sensation Skirt- doubles as a maxi dress too!!

    anne marie

    I like the Green Scene Tunic because I love the calm and peaceful colors and I also like the length of the shirt.

    Deborah W

    I love the Lolita top and the Fire and Ice dress.

    Dee Lafrenz

    I love the Green Scene top. The curved print and the slant of the print is so slimming as is the hemline.

    Jennifer Heintz

    I think I like the jamacian duster the best. I love the colors, and the way the three colors flow together.

    Dawn Monroe

    I like the sheer atitude dress because of the color, the neckline and I think it would be flattering.

    Morgana DeLarge

    I love Enchantment Dress, because I think is very elegant!

    Lana Bradstream

    I like the Print Maxi Dress because I would rock it!

    that bastard soul

    i like the Dorothy Skater Dress.

    Linda B

    I love the
    Vinny Circle Duster because I love the color and the style. I would wear it to church.

    Melissa Vaught

    I love the Great Estates top! The beading is beautiful!

    Dawn Keenan

    I love the flatterile top. The patterns on the top are so unique.


    I really like the Lolita Top in Berry. It’s stylish, yet simple and pretty. It’ll go with all sorts of clothing.

    K Davis

    I love the fringe bead top in blue, just like the picture. It’s dip dyed, and so beautiful.

    Katherine Riley

    I like the Me Jane dress because of the graphic black and white and slimming placement of the print.

    Alison H

    I love the colors of the Jamaican Duster, and how they’re sort of ombred together!


    My favorite item is the Modern Booty Crop Jean because unless I have to dress up, I live in jeans. 😉


    I like the Green with Envy top. It would go well with my jeans.


    I really can not resist the Green Scene Tunic. The length is so flattering to me as well as those gorgeous colors! My hubs couldn’t take his eyes off of me in that!


    I really really like the Taj Paisley Tunic. The vibrant purple mixed with black, is stunning.

    Taj Paisley Tunic


    I love the lacey skirt-it is so classic!

    Jasmine Patterson

    I love the Roman Holiday Top!