Floppy Hats for spring and summer

Floppy Hats

Are you in part of the Country where the weather is finally starting to warm up? I am! Which has me excited to start spending my days outside more often, but not without dressing properly for the sun. Besides wearing trending spring and summer clothing there are three main things I love to have when it comes to the sun. Of course, sunscreen is number one, then a fabulous pair of sunnies and lastly, a floppy beach hat.

Floppy hats are no longer a fashion trend reserved for only the beach. With their growth in popularity, floppy hats are now being worn with everyday casual outfits. They are the perfect accessory for looking super chic in warm weather and, they provide protection from harmful UV rays. As an added bonus, you can even hide your bad hair day with them!

Floppy beach hats can go with an array of outfits but a few of my favorite types of outfits to wear them with are:

  • Summery Dresses, whether it’s a maxi dress, sundress or beach dress
  • Any pair of high waisted shorts or pants  Any outfit with a bohemian vibe (maxi skirts, peasant tops, etc.)
  • and of course a bathing suit

Vanessa Hudgens and Black Lively are two of my favorite celebs who look fabulous wearing the floppy hat, no matter the outfit!

Will you be rocking the floppy hat this spring and summer?

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    JadeLouise Designs

    I’ve never been much of a hat person, because I don’t think I look good in them. But let me tell you, as I started gardening, I know I need one badly! Who cares what I look like now. I want a good floppy hat to protect me from the sun.

    Ashley Turner Sears

    I have always loved floppy hats because they offer such great protection from the sun! These are so cute!

    Mina Slater

    I love floppy hats! I think they’re fabulous but I’ve always been sort of hesitant to wear one myself because I thought they may not look nice on me. I’m all about taking new risks this year so I think I’ll finally be bold and try a floppy hat this Spring! I have so many adorable sundresses to pair one with.


    I’m liking the black floppy hat. It’s perfect for our upcoming beach vacation – great way to protect my face and hair from the beach cun.


    Love this look! I’ll be doing the rounds at Kentucky Derby parties this year, so this post actually has some great casual inspiration for that weekend 🙂


    I love hats like this. They are so good to have here in Texas too where the sun in strong!

    Grace Hodgin

    I love floppy hats and find they go with so many different out fits.

    Momma Told Me

    Floppy Hats aren’t for me, but if I had a nice summer dress I might consider one at the beach!

    Sofia Byrd

    I am not a big fan of floppy hats, but I agree with you, Vanessa Hudgens really knows how to wear them.

    Krista W.

    I totally want a floppy beach hat this year! I have never had one but this is my year I think 🙂

    melissa weintraub

    I want a big floppy hat this year!

    Jodi Horsley

    Those are so adorable! I love that they are coming back…they’re so fun. I really need one since they are such great protection from the sun.

    Ruth Mayer Hill

    You know, I love looking at hats, but I have to admit I never really wear them. I don’t know why. I suppose I didn’t grow up with them. And I have a big head, so it is hard to find hats that fit my head. So cute!

    Jenn Mitchell

    I love beach hats. So good for keeping the sun off your face to minimize aging. Very cute choices in your photos.

    Shelley Zurek

    My Husband bought me a floppy hat last september. I can’t wait to wear it this spring.

    Kristin Wheeler

    Great look!!! I don’t think I could pull it off, but love it!

    Crystal Abel

    I love floppy hats! I have a growing collection of them 🙂


    I don’t think I can pull it off but I think they look cute!

    Two Boys One Girl

    Ohhh I love these, soo wish I could pull it off. Thanks for sharing

    Shelley Bryan @ All of Me

    These are all so cute! I have never tried floppy hats. I may have to now. LoL!
    Thanks for sharing.


    I love those hats!

    JDaniel4's Mom

    These are so cute! The sun here gets so bright that a hat like this makes a lot of sense.