Guess Seductive Sunkissed Perfume Review and Photos



GUESS Seductive Sunkissed was a newly launched perfume this Spring, designed by perfumer Bernard Ellena. It is described as ‘a refreshing summer-worthy scent that perfectly captures the fun and carefree spirit of summer’.So it is sure to be your go to perfume this summer. You will be making a lasting impression with this fruity-floral scent that has notes of pear, pink grapefruit, vanilla and jasmine in it. Plus it is adorned with a hanging lipstick charm on the bottle, what girly girl wouldn’t love that!

When I first sprayed this perfume I must admit I didn’t like it because of its overwhelming sweetness; however, the sweetness subsided and I was left with a very light fruity scent. calms down quickly and I’m left with a light, sweet and slightly fruity scent. Throughout the day the the floral scents start to appear and cancel out most of the fruity scent. With its blend of fresh, fruity, and floral I can see what it’s the perfect summer scent!



Rating: B+
Overall: I think it’s a great perfume once settled on the skin and passed the initial spray. I also really love the bottle with the fun lipstick chain attached!
Where to purchase:
Price: $52.00 for 1.7oz
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    I LOVE sweet perfumes, and the bottle is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!


      the bottle is my favorite part! if you try it out let me know what you think about it