Hair Style Decision For My Upcoming Military Ball

In two days, I will be attending my very first Military ball! Since I am pregnant, I have had a hard time finding the perfect ball gown that fit my tummy and still looked nice; therefore, I am choosing to wear a nice fitted Maxi gown instead and make the focal point of my outfit on my hair, shoes and accessories. I have just about everything picked out for the outfit now and just need to decide on how I want to get my hair done.

My sister (owner of Shear Glamour Salon) is an awesome hair stylist who does up-dos for weddings, photo shoots and formal events all the time. One of the most recent up-dos she did for a wedding caught my eye because she added crystal rhinestones and pearls into the up-do (Hair Crystals can be found at Harland Corporation Ltd). This is what I am thinking about having done to my hair for the ball but I would love to have your input about it!


What do you think of this hairstyle? Too much for the ball or is it a winner?

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    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I think it’s super special but not overdone. I just love it. Go for it!

    Jennifer Soltys

    That’s a big winner!!! So pretty and elegant. I don’t think it’s overdone at all!!

    Frugal and Fun Mom

    Your hair looks beautiful up. I like your hair down as well. 🙂


    you hair looks amazing, I could never do that with my hair though..


    Ooh I love it! Do it! I don’t think it’s overdone, but then again, I would wear that to the grocery store. 🙂


    It looks beautiful! Wear it. 🙂

    Daisy Tremorev

    Your hair looks gorgeous! Absolutely wear it like this.


    i love the hair crystals. i think that hairstyle is elegant and beautiful as is. i’d totally do it for the ball!!

    Melanie Roberts

    Love the hair crystals…. beautiful and perfect for the ball…


    This is very pretty but I do love your hair down as well. Wish I could see the dress!

    Samantha Gronemyer

    I think it suits you 🙂 I say go for it!


    I think it’s gorgeous!

    Jenna Wood

    I love updos, and the pearl accents are a beautiful touch! I can’t wait to see the dress.

    Jenn Mitchell

    If this is a formal event, I think that hair style is just lovely!


    That is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Lena B

    That is so awesome looking. absolutely love it

    Ashley Sears

    I think that hairstyle would be perfect for a military ball. I love all the pearls and rhinestones!