Laura Mercier Lip Plumper in Charmed Review Photos & Swatches


The Laura Mercier Lip Plumper in Charmed and Rose Flush ($30 USD) are also part of the Laura Mercier Fall 2013 “Dar Spell” Collection. The lip plumper’s are designed to instantly plump your lips while also hydrating and moisturizing them for sexier looking and healthier feeling lips.

The Laura Mercier Lip Plumper’s are infused with ingredients that are designed to penetrate the skin, stimulate collagen and beneficially smooth the surface of your lips. When applying to the lips you will notice a refreshing and cooling effect that builds up over about a 20-minute time span and lasts for a few hours.

I currently own the shade Charmed and find it to be a nice sheer peachy pink with a sheen to it. Perfect when you’re going for a very natural look. I found it to glide on my lips easily and left them with a nice tingly sensation. What I really loved was how moisturized my lips felt and the formulation was completely sticky free. I had no sticky or tacky feeling left on my lips or the hand I swatched the plumper on, which amazed me. I personally like to layer this over a lipstick because my lips are very discolored in certain areas. Since it is so sheer the darker areas in my lips do not get hidden and I find it to look funny. I do however love to wear it layered over my lipsticks.







The below two photos are pictures of the lip plumper on my bare lips. Like I mentioned above, I have discolored lips so I prefer not to wear the lip plumper alone. The top photo is taken right after I added the lip plumper and the bottom photo is after waiting the 20 minutes.  I do notice my lips to be slightly more plumped. I also notice that my lips look more smooth after 20 minutes.



The below two photos are pictures of the lip plumper over top of a lipstick. The top photo is  taken right after I added the lip plumper and the bottom photo is after waiting the 20 minutes. This time I didn’t notice a plumping difference but I still notice my lips look a lot more smooth after 20 minutes. I feel like the lip plumper hides the fine lines and cracks in my lips, which is awesome!




Overall, I love the formulation of this Lip Plumper. I love that it is very moisturizing on the lips and does not leave a sticky or tacky feeling. Charmed is very sheer, so if you are not a fan or that, than I would choose a different color.


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    I really like that. I like that it is sheer because I am not a fan of bright colors.

    JadeLouise Designs

    Oh I am in love with this lip plumper! And I love the applicator too. I am a huge fan of natural colors too. I would totally use something like this!

    Heather McDougle

    I really like it! I would love to buy some and try it out. I like that it can be worn every day and isn’t a bright or obnoxious color for every day life.


    Love the color, my sister would go crazy for this. I’ll have to tell her about it too. Thanks for sharing!

    Melanie Roberts

    I just LOVE this color… I totally could pull off wearing this… Looks great on you. Thanks for sharing, need to head over and check it out.

    Allyson Bossie

    I agree that it makes the lips much less smoother. In the top pics with no lipstick, it even seems to make them less irritated looking. Great product

    Alaina Bullock

    That really does do a great job! You can tell quite the difference,and I like the color too!


    I’ve never used a lip plumper before, but I love the sheer, shimmery look of this one. You really can tell the difference!


    There is a noticeable difference in your lips after using the plumper. That is rather pale and I would probably wear it over another lipstick also.

    Taylor Rios

    There is a big difference in your lips. It is quite a bit of money, not sure if
    I would be willing to pay that much though.

    Maria Sinclair

    I have not heard of this brand before but They do look plumper! Awesome!!

    LeahSay's Views

    I like the sheer color which one of my go to lip colors. I prefer a lighter tint. Looks great with your skin tone!


    I love lip plumpers (I haven’t had one for a few months) and really like this peachy color!


    I love using lip plumpers! I don’t use them often but I do love them! Great review!

    Chrissy Jordan

    I may be crazy, but I feel like I can see a difference. 🙂 I love Laura Mercier products!

    Sarah Bailey

    What a lovely subtle colour that is 🙂 looks lovely on you 🙂 x


    I have never used a lip plumper but your lips do look fuller.

    Amber Mabry

    I love that shade!

    Mel Cole

    Love that shade but not the right color for me as I’m dark.

    Lexie Lane

    I’ve actually got this. It’s really nice. I love how it makes your lips glow and definitely voluptuous!


    I love that it is so sheer! Perfect for everyday!

    Barb W.

    Love the sheer coverage, does look like a great every day product!

    Grace Hodgin

    This is the case of ‘Less is More’. I love the shine it creates.

    Maria - Tough Cookie Mommy

    I love glosses and lipsticks that plump your lips. It makes a big difference in how your lips look.

    Melanie Roberts

    this is my kind of color… love the lightness of this lip plumper.. thanks for sharing

    Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

    Never knew this existed! Very cool and for those that need that little help, this is the perfect product!!

    Stephanie - Home with the Kids

    Sheer is nice. I’m really not into most lip colors because I always feel odd in them.

    Heather Johnson

    Sounds great! I hate lip products that leave a sticky feeling.