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While this post was sponsored by LensCrafters through Socialstars. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Back in elementary school I found out that I had bad eyesight in my right eye and needed to wear glasses. I was actually given a patch to place over the left lens of my glasses to try and strengthen my right eye. My left eye had almost perfect vision but my right eye was a different story. I saw perfectly fine with both of my eyes open, so I had a hard time thinking that I had to wear my glasses. Fast forward 20+ years and I still don’t wear my glasses like I should. Over the years I have had my eyesight rechecked and received several prescriptions and new glasses but I just couldn’t get use to wearing them. I had a hard time functioning with them on and every time I wore them, I felt like I couldn’t do anything with them on. People always told me that it just took time and I would eventually stop feeling like I was wearing glasses but that never happened for me. At one point I tried to get contacts but my prescription for my right eye is so bad that the contact lens was extremely heavy (for a lens) and I could never get it into my eye. The ladies at the office where I ordered the contacts couldn’t get it in my eye either, the lens would always fall to the floor or fold over before it ever got in my eye.

Well over the last year I started feeling like I had a lazy eye around the time of my period each month. My right eye would irritate me and it felt heavy in a sense, so I started to wear my glasses for about 2-3 days a month when this was occurring and then I was fine and would stop wearing them. Within the last month it’s gotten worse and at points I feel woozy or somewhat dizzy until I wear them and then I am fine. At this point I decided to stop being stubborn and actually wear my glasses even though I still see fine with both eyes open.

I can tell my prescription from… oh 4ish years ago is a bit off, so I decided to book an eye exam at LensCrafters next week to get new glasses for my new prescription. I am so excited to get new stylish glasses. My current ones are kinda not cute, though I thought they were when I got them years ago lol. I’ve gone to a LensCrafters store several times in the past for my prescription because they are highly reputable, have a great selection of frames and are competitive with their pricing.


When booking my eye appointment, I learned about the LensCrafters “My Account” option on their site, which has a ton of great features. You can browse their large selection of frames and save which ones you like to your account. You can then check those styles out in store first. I love this feature because I often get way to overwhelmed looking at all the options when in store and it can turn into hours of trying on all the different glasses. I also have a very energetic 2 year old who doesn’t sit still long, so the faster I can get in and out of a store, the better! They also have a “My Perfect Look” quiz, which will recommend frames for you based on your answers. I can say the quiz is accurate because my results said I would like Tory Burch, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Ray-Ban. I actually have a pair of Versace ones and you all know that Ray-bans are my favorite sunglasses and Tory Burch is my favorite handbag designer. I can’t wait to try on LensCrafters glasses and see which one I end up with.

Another feature I really LOVE is that you can book and keep track of your eye exams, past purchases and prescriptions. I have misplaced my prescriptions several times and it was always a pain to get a new one. I highly recommend signing up for your own LensCrafters account. Not only does it keep you organized, but you will always get a $50 bonus when signing up through this link. This can be used in addition to other in-store offers and your insurance. Who doesn’t love to save money?

Stay tuned to find out what glasses I end up with!

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    Briana Anderson

    I think you pull off glasses so well! Can’t wait to see your new frames!
    xx, Bri || http://www.Neutral2Neon.com

    Hannah Shanae

    I love these frames on you, they look great!

    Hannah Shanae

    Mary K

    I love saving money 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Loving your office decor!!


    Adaleta Avdic

    What an interesting story, I really had no idea your vision could be SUPER bad in one eye and then perfect in the other. My knowledge of eyes is that one eye may be stronger than the other 18/20 for instance, but not a super drastic difference. Thanks for sharing your story with us! xx, adaatude.com



    xoxo Amanda
    The Miller Affect

    Amanda Ray

    Thank you for sharing your story! I actually have my annual visit with Lenscrafters in a couple weeks. I wear contacts on the daily, so I know how you feel! Sometimes those glasses are a must!! <3

    Amanda | http://www.TheChambrayBunny.com


    Do I ever empathize. I am essentially legally blind, have an astigmatism, and severe, severe dry eye. I had to go to a specialist in Houston to get special contacts made about the size of a water bottle cap (made out of a thick plastic, too), to wear in place of regular contacts. Eye problems are horrible! I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with all of that. Glad you found a system you like. LensCrafters sounds great, and your frames are adorable!

    Cameron Proffitt

    Carrie Joy Andreas

    You look SO adorable in your glasses!
    I do feel very lucky to have never had issues with my eyes, but my mother is another story. She’s had very serious problems with her eyesight since birth, and I definitely know it’s not an easy thing to deal with. I will let her know about this post!
    CS Gems

    Natalie keinan

    That is crazy about your eye! You look adorable in glasses!!



    you should do a home tour!