Milani Nail Laquer in shades Beach front (Sky Blue) and Juno (Bubble Gum Pink)


Today I am featuring two of my favorite spring nail colors released from Milani’s 2012 Spring collection. The new collection claims to be professional, chip resistant, long wearing with a super glossy finish!

The first shade is Beach Front. Beach Front  is a creamy, opaque sky blue color with silvery white shimmer flecks in it. I have really been loving this color, it is beautiful. I also really like the new formulation that Milani came out with. It is a lot easier to apply and the color pay off is great!

The next color is JUNO. Juno is a bubble gum pink color with a very subtle pink shimmer to it. I absolutely love this pink! Simple, but the perfect light pink shade I have been looking for. The formula on this one is also great just like Beach Front.

The following picture is my nails 6 days later. A lot of the nail polishes I own tend to start noticeably chipping after 2 to 3 days (I wash my hands A LOT). After about 4 days the polish is almost all chipped off. I was pleasantly surprised that with the MIlani nail polish I was able to wear it until day 6, when they became noticeably chipped at the top of my nails.

Overall, the claims they made are in fact true, in my opinion. I  really love the new formulation with chip resistance, a glossy finish, and longer lasting ability. At only $3.99 a bottle they are a must have!

Be sure to follow Milani on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to stay up to date with their new and current collections!

What do you ladies think of the new Milani formula?  Have you tried any of the new spring polishes? If so what is you favorite color? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Ellen Christian

    I love the pink. I've never heard of Milani before but 6 days is great!

      Kilcullen Kristyn

      It's a great brand! Sold in most drugstores or online. Very affordable and great products 🙂

    Grandma Juice - Ronn

    I would like to wear the blue with the pink as a tip color!!!! 😉

    Kristen Jeffery

    I love both of those but especially the glittery one


    I love it. I love the different colors!! Love blue!

    Danielle @ Royalegac

    Very pretty and vibrant colors. They are the kind that speak out to you and say, "Wow!"

    To Sew With Love

    wow! i love the pink one!


    Ooooo….I really like these.

    Renee @ Made By Rene

    very very pretty colors 🙂