My Maternity Style at 33 weeks :: What I wore for 4th of July


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IMG_1441.jpg IMG_1450.jpg IMG_1460.jpg IMG_1486.jpg IMG_1461.jpg IMG_1478.jpg IMG_1462.jpg IMG_1485.jpg

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    talk about celebrity style, you chose the perfect dress and the colors are perfect

    Money $aving Michele

    You looked wonderful! Perfect dress for the warm 4th of July holiday!

    Melanie S.

    That is such a cute dress, and I better it would be flattering on almost anyone. You look terrific!


    you look so great. I love the holiday look, great work with the colors.

    Tiffany C.

    I love your dress, and your belly is so adorable. I had not visited your blog in a while, had no idea you were expecting, congrats.

    Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

    Love that blue! You look great!!


    Very cute! Love the outfit and you are beautiful! 🙂

    Chrysa Duran

    What a perfect dress for the 4th! You look fabulous!

    Nicole B.

    I love seeing all your maternity fashion photos. You make pregnancy look so beautiful! Love the maxi dress.

    Jennifer Medeiros

    You look so cute, and you are definitely glowing!

    Danielle S.

    What a beautiful dress! You look lovely.

    Terin Aleah Garrett

    I saw these pics on FB! Absolutely stunning!!


    That dress is gorgeous!!! Simply stunning.

    Sarah Bailey

    You look gorgeous <3 x


    You look beautiful!

    Jenna Parsons

    You look stunning!!! Holy gorgeous!


    You are the most stylish pregnant lady I have ever seen. Gorgeous as usual.

    Barb W.

    That dress is adorable! My maternity clothes were not nearly as cute, you are an inspiration!

    Jennifer Wagner

    What a beautiful outfit. Perfect for fourth of July! You look great.

    Grace Hodgin

    You looks so cute and adorable. What a lovely outfit!

    Maria - Tough Cookie Mommy

    I think maxi dresses are so flattering on everyone and you look gorgeous in this outfit. The colors are certainly fitting for the Fourth of July.

    Ashley Sears

    That outfit is absolutely adorable~ Love the photos on the baseball diamond

    Jenna Wood

    I just love that dress- the second pic is my favorite- but the ones leaning back on the blanket on the grass are beautiful too.


    Adorable as usual. Your son will be able to see so much of his in the womb time with his mama looking so beautiful.


    The thing I love about that dress is that it’s perfect for 4th of July yet also appropriate for so many other summer days! It’s not something that will sit in the closet unworn. It’s a great staple for a cute preggo mama!

    Melanie Roberts

    Love this dress…. perfect for 4th of July as well as any day.. you look super cute in it and it looks sooo comfy….


    You make being pregnant look great! Love the dress.


    Beautiful outfit and I love that it’s perfect for any other time of the year too. Beaut!

    Shell Feis

    That is such a cute dress! I don’t do well finding maxis that fit me since I’m super short, which makes me sad because I love this dress!


    You are just adorable and blue looks great on you!


    You are gorgeous and I love the festive outfit! So fun!

    Daisy Tremorev

    You are such a beautiful mommy-to-be! I wish that I would have been as stylish and glam as you when I was pregnant.


    super cute as always. 32 weeks- so close!!

    Jennifer Soltys

    That dress is gorgeous and so are you! Perfect little belly for that dress. 🙂


    Hope you will link up again this Tuesday (today)


    That dress is beautiful! You definitely look great pregnant!