My Maternity Style At 38 Weeks :: Lace Blazer & Cognac Boots

My Maternity Style 38 weeks

Maternity style 38 weeks

Get My Look

  • Lace Blazer c/o Lashes Of London
  • Lauren Conrad Collection Blouse from Kohl’s (old similar Lauren Conrad Blouse HERE)
  • Candies Brand Denim Jeans from Kohl’s (old similar Candies’ Jeans HERE)
  • Chain Necklace thrifted (similar one from Forever21)
  • White Michael Kors Watch c/o Shopbop
  • Kyle Boots c/o Justfab

Maternity Style

Maternity Fashion

Maternity Style

Maternity Fashion

Maternity Style

Maternity Fashion

Maternity Style

Maternity Fashion

Maternity Style

Maternity Fashion

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    Elizabeth @ hobbylobbyist

    You look great! This is my favorite look so far.


    That’s super cute. This is definitely my favorite outfit post so far.

    Jenna Wood

    I really enjoyed seeing you in a more romantic, relaxed country outfit like this. I love that you let go of some of the bright colors and really toned it down- this is an outfit I would wear; and you’re rocking it pregnant!

    JadeLouise Designs

    I love this look. I love the boots! The autumn is when I break out my boots too. And I love this look! And the light tops are super cute on you.


    Love this look on you! The blazer is the perfect amount of feminine and the boots are perfect.

    Lena B

    I think you are one of the most gorgeous real pregnant women I have ever seen

    Jadey G Samson

    I love this look! Very relaxed!




    I love how you took one of my favorite looks and made it look so easy for a mama to be!


    That is adorable. With the exception of being maternity, which I do not need, that is something I would wear and be comfy in.


    Gorgeous! I love the little lacey jacket. I don’t know how you manage in jeans and jacket in sunny weather, you look so polished – my face would have melted off from the heat in 2 seconds, LOL!


    I love how classy you look! You make pregnancy look good! 🙂


    Totally wish I looked that good when I was 38 weeks pregnant! Love your boots!

    Shell Feis

    You look CRAZY amazing! I’m only going on 16 weeks & I don’t look half as good as you. lol


    I wish I had looked half as good as you when I was pregnant!

    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    Your outfit looks so completely comfortable and it’s super cute. Love all of it!

    Terri Lynn Grothe

    u are super cute 🙂


    You are in the last two weeks! I thinks it’s awesome that you have been able to blog about fashion during your pregnancy! You make it look so good! 🙂

    Jennifer Soltys

    Those boots are AWESOME!!! This is an outfit I would LOVE to wear even not pregnant!


    I cannot believe you are 38 weeks along! You look fabulous. I don’t think many people can wear that outfit as well as you do being that far along. 🙂 The whole outfit is perfect.

    Amanda West

    You are just the most beautiful pregnant woman!! That outfit is amazing and holy moly, 38 weeks? Time is flying by!


    i love the boots. and the blazer. a lot.

    and yes, your pregnancy has flown by for me. like the others. i hope you have easy labor!


    I really LOVE this look, especially the boots! It won’t be long and you will be having that baby!


    38 weeks? I looked like a house at 38 weeks. You look so cute!

    Alaina Bullock

    This is my absolute favorite look so far! I love the boots and jeans with that gorgeous lace blazer! Not much longer!!

    Taylor Rios

    Love it!


    I agree you don’t look 38 weeks! You are carrying like the Duchess … all up front and “cute”. I never looked as good when I was carrying – either of my kids.

    Lexie Lane

    You look amazing! I gave birth at 35 weeks and couldn’t even walk! You really should be in magazines!

    Cindy Batchelor

    Love, love the lace blazer! You styled it fabulously, as always! xo xo

    Amy Honious

    wow! maternity clothes sure have changed since i was having babies (20 yrs ago). very stylish and they make you look comfy yet stylish! thank goodness ‘blimp shifts’ are no longer, LOL! good luck-you look fab!


    Almost there! You look fantastic! I love the boots.

    Alyssa C

    You look amazing! I love the boots


    I think this outfit is really sweet. Now you seem like you are holding that baby up! Thanks for linking this up last week and linking up this week on the Verizon
    Voices Fashionista Style Hop. We’d love have more
    of your style, so sign up for our weekly reminders too (if you haven’t!)

    Onica {MommyFactor}

    Love the light cream color

    Barb W.

    Absolutely love this look! Especially love the boots – fabulous!

    Grace Hodgin

    I love the boots with the whole outfit. You did such a great job matching things up for a fantastic look.

    Daisy Tremorev

    You look gorgeous! I really, really, really want those boots.

    Maria - Tough Cookie Mommy

    Those boots are awesome and they go with any fall look. You look great in them!


    Those boots are fabulous!! You look amazing!! Not much longer!!

    Melanie Roberts

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit, this is my favorite maternity style.. you look amazing in the outfit and for being 38 weeks… WOW.. thanks for sharing


    Love this look!

    Anna Lane

    You look amazing.


    You are one cute mama. I wish I had the energy / desire to dress up.. but then again, chasing a toddler all day at home means I need to be in my super mom clothes (Yoga pants and a tshirt) all day.

    Katrina G

    beautiful pictures, love the clothes