My Style Diary: Pairing Lace With Leather

Lace & Leather


During this year’s spring fashion week, Lace and Leather pairings were presented all over the runways. I have to say; I love the idea of pairing such a delicate feminine piece like lace with a more edgy piece of leather. Pairing these hard and soft textures together really work well and I cannot wait to add some pieces to my wardrobe to create the look.

I have my eye on these Lace Women’s Tops from Bardot! I even love the way Bardot paired these tops together and wish I had these pieces in my wardrobe!. Not only are lace tops trending for spring but so is peplum, neon, and black & white. These tops are a must have for my wardrobe!



Will you be pairing leather with lace pieces this spring?

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    Ashley Turner Sears

    I love that white top! I am not a big leather person when it comes to pants, but probably because they aren’t very flattering on me. Love the concept though!

    JadeLouise Designs

    Oh I love the look of lace and leather! I wish I had some awesome leather pants to go with those lace tops! They are awesome!

    Jenn Mitchell

    I love lace. I am not so big on leather bottoms for me, but these outfits are so cute.


    I like leather jackets….lol, but I don’t think I can pull off leather bottoms!


    I love the look of leather and lace together, especially now that many lace shirts come with linings that are hypoallergenic. 🙂

    Now I have Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley stuck in my head. 🙂

    Brianna Dale

    I really adore this trend!


    I think the leather peplum is a great item to pair. I have a lace dress and a leather jacket. Wonder how they would look together?? Hmmm

    Suburban Style Challenge

    I love that yellow top, and the look with the skater-like skirt. I will definitely be trying this look out in Spring!!

    Lena B

    OK. I am really curious to see it in the real life – It will be pretty cool

    Jenna Wood

    Leather and lace- seems like that requires someone more fashion savvy to pull off, but I can’t wait to see some attempts!

    Maria Sinclair

    Cute tops! I like that these are good word day time and transitioned into evening looks!!


    I love the lace tops, very cute! I’m not much of a leather person, but I’d definitely wear the tops.


    I probably won’t be doing it myself, but I so love it!

    Laura O'Neill

    I love the look, but don’t see myself doing it while I still have a young one in the house. This gal’s more about wash and wear clothing as the boys have a way of making my clothes dirty.

    grace hodgin

    What great fashion combinations.

    Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

    I’m not a fan of lace but I do love the green color of some of these tops.

    Barb Webb

    That is a super cute look. Likely won’t be pairing these in my wardrobe, but agree it looks fabulous!


    I doubt I will be doing any leather and lace pairings but I really like the look of the first outfit.

    Shannon Gosney

    Oh my gosh – I love these pairings! What a cute look! 🙂


    What cute looks!! I could never wear leather though, I like the tops!

    Daisy Tremorev

    What great combinations! I love that black skirt on the far left!


      Its a great classic skirt!

    Aly Mashrah

    I really like the first and third outfits, definitely something I would wear.


      I love those outfits too!

    Two Boys One Girl

    You did it again.. you are soo much braver then me.. I do love the look, but can’t see myself wearing it. BUT if you twist my arm.. my favorite is the 1st outfit ….


      I love experimenting with fashion! I use to never be brave with it but I love that I am now!

    Maria - Tough Cookie Mommy

    I’ve noticed this new trend with lace and was wondering what the best way to add it to my wardrobe was. Thanks for this information!


      your welcome 🙂 I hope it helped!

    Natalie Z.

    I love this look! Of course, I’m not sure I see myself wearing it often. You rocked it as usual!

    Andrea Kruse

    Ooo… I love the combination. Not too hard and not too soft. Will have to look into getting a few pieces to pair up this season.


    I really like the yellow color, but I would definitely want some white underneath it. Then pair it with some leather on the bottom. Maybe a skirt or pants. They look quite fun!

    Whitehead's Zoo

    The lace tops are really in right now my daughter has a few. very cute!


    I’m loving the lace tops for my daughter. She could definitely wear leather and lace and would look great in it. Thanks for sharing.

    Jennifer Clay

    I don’t really wear leather…or lace so I don’t know if I would be pairing them together.