My Top 3 Hair Styles and Current Hair Products & Tools I use

It’s been awhile since I last did a hair post, one reason being that I made the horrible mistake of dying my hair red around this time last year and haven’t liked my hair much since then. The color itself was beautiful when I first dyed it; although it was very dark, which didn’t look great on me. It quickly faded into a color I really liked but that only lasted a few weeks and then it began to fade into an ugly orangish color. I then got my hair re-done and the cycle would continue, so I realistically only liked my hair for a few weeks at a time and it was way too much maintenance for me. Plus, I just look better as a blonde 😉 It has taken me almost a full year to get my hair back blonde and it still has red/orange that comes through. It has been a slow process because I didn’t want to straight up damage my hair and red it very hard to get out, so I have been doing it in baby steps. I still have a ways to go before I’m back to how I want it but my hair is getting healthy again and I am once again starting to enjoy my hair which has led me to creating a post all about my current hair care routine.

I have reviewed several hair products in the past and most of them I still love and still have in my beauty cabinet but today I will be talking about what I have mostly been using the past few months. Also, my sister is a hair stylist (she didn’t do my initial red hair because she lives in another state), so I have been privileged enough to try out many many brands over the years, many being professional quality.

Products for washing my hair

joico color balancing blue shampoo & conditioner, evolvh ultra shine shampoo & conditioner and olaplex step3

For washing my hair, I have been using the Evolvh Ultra Shine Shampoo & Conditioner. I have used these for years but when I ran out several months back I had decided to use up most of my other products before repurchasing new ones. Well, that was a mistake! Every time I washed my hair I wish I had at least the Shampoo still. Since I only wash my hair a few times a week and use dry shampoo and other styling products for my fine hair, I have lots of product buildup and this shampoo does amazing at cleansing my hair rid of the buildup without stripping my hair color. Seriously it’s by far the most amazing shampoo I have tried for really cleansing my hair. It’s also paraben free, sulfate free and gluten free, which is important to me!

Once every few weeks I will wash my hair with the Joico Color Balance Blue shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair from being brassy and it also minimizes the red/orange tones in my hair that are still there. I have tried many blue shampoos for blonde hair and this one works the best in my opinion. This is the only shampoo and conditioner I use that has sulfates or parabens because I have yet to come across a blue shampoo that doesn’t.

The last product I started using is the Olaplaex No.3. It’s seriously amazing and only sold by your stylist. The last two times I got my hair done was with bleach to start adding the blonde back in and Olaplaex has saved my hair from serious damage. My hair was insanely soft for weeks after bleaching it, which is unheard of. Your stylist adds steps 1 & 2 when your getting your hair dyed and 3 is for take home. Before I started bleaching my hair again I was dying it with an ashy brown using PPD and Ammonia free hair dyes because regular hair dyes burn my scalp. I was trying to pull the red out and refused to bleach my hair again until I heard all the raves about Olaplaex. I won’t ever beach my hair without it again! I use step 3 once a week at home to keep my hair healthy and soft.

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*I still love my HBL, ENJOY, Macadmia Nut and Moraccanoil shampoos and conditioners but some I need to repurchase and others I am using sparingly.

Once I towel dry my hair, I will add a few products to my damp hair for different reasons.

enjoy hair care volumizing mousse, Moraccanoil root boost, evolvh ultimate styling lotion and macademia nut oil

The first product I add is an oil to the ends of my hair. I have been using and loving the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment the past month (I have used it in the past as well). Whenever I use oils I notice healthy hair, less split ends and my hair grows faster. I love that this oil instantly absorbs into my hair, is lightweight and non-greasy. It leaves my hair smooth, manageable and shiny while adding natural UV protection and reduces my hairs drying time by 40-50%.

The next product I add is a volumizing mousse which not only helps add volume to my hair but also helps my hair style last longer. I am currently using the ENJOY hair care volumizing mousse and it has been one of my go to mousse for years. You can find ENJOY haircare products at select professional salons.

I also add a root booster; again I have very fine, thin, lifeless hair. Right now I am using the Moraccanoil Root boost. I almost never skip this part of my hair routine. It works best prior to heat styling but I also found that when I wash my hair at night and go to bed with wet hair, I wake up with a lot more body and texture then when I don’t add it. I only spray this to my roots and it really helps to thicken my hair and add volume. My hair had more body and movement to it when I use it, which is why I almost never skip this step.

The last product I add to my towel dried hair is the Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion, which is a 5-in-one product that does it all. I have been using this product for a few years as well and love it, especially the clean fresh smell it gives my hair. It adds volume, hold, shine, defrizzes and manage curls. Sometimes I add just this and the root booster and I am good to go!

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If I have time I will let my hair air-dry or I will use my hair dryer.

The next part of my hair routine is styling it.

GHD rose dolg styler, nume wand, Instyler and SHOW Beauty thermal protectant

Now, I have never liked the way my hair looks straight (my hair is naturally very straight and has no body or volume to it) or up unless it’s a fancy hair-do, which I typically don’t do myself. I prefer to curl my hair when possible. I have many hair tools and will once in a great while I will use them but on a weekly basis there are 3 main tools I use for my hair, other than my blow dryer.

Before going over the tools I want to mention that I use a thermal heat protectant spray before styling. I am currently using the SHOW BEAUTY Sheer Thermal Protectant.

The tool I use the most is my ghd  Rose Gold Styler and absolutely LOVE it! I have used GHD flat irons for years and they are one of the best I have tried and believe me, I have tried many! I actually use this straightener to curl my hair. I have come to learn that when I curl my hair with a straightener it will last for at least 4 days (possibly more… but 4 days is pushing my hair when it comes to not washing it). I do not have to touch up my hair at all the subsequent days after the day I curl it. I simply brush my hair and it all falls back into place. I can also stick my hair in a bun (I usually twist it up without a hair tie or use a hair band that doesn’t crease hair) while at home and then let it down when I leave and it remains curled and in tact. Being a busy mom on the go this hairstyle and method works best for me because it lasts and also takes less then 10 minutes to do.

curling hair with ghd hair straightener

The next tool I use to curl my hair is the NUME wand. Sometimes I prefer the look of wans curls. For loose curls I use the 1” and sometimes will use the ½ in for tighter curls. I don’t like the smaller wand on my hair. My hair will only last the day using a wand. Some curl will stay the next day but I definitely have to re-curl most of it. If I had time everyday to curl my hair I would use my wands more often.

curling hair with name wand large barrel

The last tool I use often is my Instyler. I actually use this almost every time I do my hair whether I use the wand or straightener. I use it only on the top section of my hair to add volume at the roots. I will also use it when I want my hair to look like I blow-dried it with a round-brush but its way less work and time using this. Definitely a must have hair tool for me.

hair styles with Instyler

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Once I style my hair I add in a few more styling products to help lock my hairstyle in place, manage frizz and give it shine.

dry bar shine mist, texturize amplify and refresh, show beauty premiere working texture spray, living proof frizz humidity shield

I typically add two different texturizers in my hair. As I have mentioned a few times already, I have very thin hair, so I use a several product to help add volume and texture to it. Right now I am using the SHOW Premiere Working Texture spray, which instantly adds volume and texture for easy styles. It doesn’t leave a crunchy feel and doesn’t smell like some others I have tried. It has a spritz type spray and I LOVE the packaging of this product! I also use the Dry Bar Texturize Amplify and Refresh. I have the travel size of the Dry Bar one and love that I can take it with me and it’s essentially a three in one. It adds texture to my hair while adding fullness and volume and can also be used as a light dry shampoo to absorb oil and leave hair fresh and clean.

I also like to add products that help manage flyaways, frizz and protect from humidity. I am currently using the Dry Bar Shine Cream, which adds texture, pieciness and shine. I add this to the palm of my hands and kinda grab pieces throughout my hair (avoiding my roots) that may need more texture and tamed flyaways. I have also been using the Living Proof Frizz Humidity Shield, which is a weightless solution for dry hair, that block 100% of humidity and prevents the first signs of frizz. I don’t know why, but living in TX has made my hair super staticky and I hate it. This product helps so much with that! I just spray it on my dry hair during times when it seems to be prone to static. I love that it’s a weightless spray and doesn’t weigh down my hair. It’s also sulfate-free, silicone-free and oil-free, so yay!

*TIP for flyaways around the hairline I use my clear Anastasia brow gel. It works miracles… try it!

Right before or sometimes after adding hairspray I finish my look with Shine spray. Right now I am using the Dry Bar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist. I typically only spray this on my hair from the shoulders down. I try not to add to much product that can cause weight to the roots of my hair, unless it’s a volumizing product. The shine mist not only adds a nice lightweight high-gloss finish to your hair but it’s also good for flyaways, static and frizz.

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The last product I add is hair spray.

Macadamia Style Lock Strong Hold Hairspray, Joico Volumizing Finishing spray

I currently have two hair sprays I have been using; one is the Macadamia Style Lock Strong Hold Hairspray. I love using this when I really need to keep my style in place, especially when it gets crazy windy here. It gives a good firm hold and never leaves my hair sticky or flaky. I love that some of the key ingredients are Macadamia oil, which is rich in omegas 7, 5 & 9 that provide weightless moisture, argan oil, which is rich in omega known that helps acid repair and strength the hair, copolymer that provides ultimate hold. And pantenol that moisturizes and hydrates. I was also using the Joico Volumizing Finishing spray but lets just say my husband stole it and used up almost every last drop of it. He uses more hairspray then my on his very short military cut! We both love this hairspray. It locks your style in place with a touchable hold while adding volume to your hair, which you know I love! It also protects the hair against humidity, harsh thermal stylers and adds strength and shine to your hair.

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For next day hair

Macadamia Professional Style Extended Dry Shampoo

I use a dry-shampoo to absorb oil and refresh my hair. Right now I am using the Macadamia Professional Style Extended Dry Shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling clean, revived and always adds more volume to my hair. I sometimes spray this in my hair on day 1 at the roots if I need more volume or didn’t have time to use the In Styler on the roots of my hair for volume. I love that this one is good for all hair colors and dosent leave a powdery residue. It also has good for your hair key ingredients like Macadamia oil, argan oil, passion flower extract, aloe vera leaf extract and more.

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I know this post was very long but I hope you found this helpful for your hair care needs!

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    Brooke Ellen

    I just got into doing my hair, probably because it is short now. BUT anyway this post is perfect for me!! Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks!!!


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    You’ve got some seriously good hair, I’m a little jealous! I’ll have to check out a few of these and see if they help my sad locks.

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    love this in depth hair review! I am really too lazy to use anything but my normal curling iron and curl the tips, haha.


    Southern Elle Style

    Mary K

    Olaplex has changed my life and allows this dark brunette to be a partial blonde 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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    Great review of hair products – I’ll definitely check out that hair wand!
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    Well I love your hair curled…but after seeing all 3 next to each other…I love I’m a fan of is blown out and sleek looking!!

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    Your hair always looks so great and I especially love it curled…it has so much volume!


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    SUCH an amazing roundup of some great products! Your hair is always so perfect so I may need to pick some of these up haha

    Emmy Elizabeth

    If you aren’t opposed to using a purple shampoo over the blue, the Healthy Sexy Hair brand has a sulfate free one that works pretty well!

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    I LOVE the look of your hair with the InStyler! I struggle to get that volume too, and yours always looks so flawless!

    xx, Victoria

    Amanda Ray

    Love the way you curl your hair, looks fab!! <3
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    Amanda Miller

    Your hair always looks amazing and this post is so detailed! I cannot curl my hair with a straightener to save my life!

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    What a great post! I love all things hair so it’s realy interesting seeing what other people use and do.

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