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It’s no secret that I have been struggling with adult acne for the last 7ish years. I never had it prior to that and I have told my story about my acne many times before on the blog. I have also shown many photos of my bare face, acne and all, at different points in my life. I have tried hundreds of products from prescribed formulas to over the counter skincare products to natural remedies. While some have helped reduce my acne at times they have never fully gotten rid of my acne and I still had active pimples that hurt.

The last few years of my life I developed many food allergies and stomach issues ,so I became very much aware of the products and ingredients that I was eating and applying to my skin. I became very holistic and natural with my lifestyle. When I was reached out to about this new skincare product called SkinKick a “2-Step Kick” blemish relief kit that helps clear and prevent breakouts I was intrigued, even more so when I learned that the kit contains an exclusive B3 Technology that combines natural ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest to kick blemishes and end constant breakouts with visible results over night.


I was so eager to try out this product but at the same time, I didn’t want to get my hopes up like I had with so many other products. Like I said, nothing I have tried before has really kicked my blemishes butt or prevented new ones. Yes, I had some products that helped but any ounce of relief for my skin seemed like a miracle at the time.

I immediately washed my face as soon as the mailman delivered my kit. Yes, I was that excited! I was ecstatic that it was only a 2-step process and was derived from natural ingredients. I was very adamant about washing my face morning and night without skipping a beat during this 1-week trial. Yes, this products works in just 1 week. You don’t have to wait an entire month to see results like with so many other skincare products.

During the time of my 1-week trial I was under a ton of stress because we were packing and moving the following week. Stress typically equals more breakouts for my skin. I was completely amazed at how quickly I saw results and how little breakouts I was getting given my high stress. As the week trial ended I noticed almost all of my acne was completely gone.

Now, please remember that when looking at these bare face photos of me, I have had acne for 7ish years, which means lots of scarring! These red spots on my face are smooth and flesh with my skin. They are not active breakouts but rather scarring, which is what I am working on getting rid of next! I have about 3 very very small micro ones going away and that it. 

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Since I saw such amazing results after just 7 days I continued to use my SkinKick 2-step system and I have been so amazed by the results I have gotten. My active acne is almost non existent now. My skin is so much smoother and I no longer feel large bumps all over my face when I wash it or apply my makeup. I no longer have huge painful pimples that stay for weeks and hurt like heck. I have now used the product for a month and have noticed during this time that my active pimples drastically reduced in numbers and size. I use to get huge painful pimples but when using this product my acne breakouts became fewer and fewer and smaller and smaller. Seriously though, they became incredibly tiny! NO more painful breakouts. I have even fallen asleep with makeup on many times this last month, which normally wrecks havoc on my skin. I know, I know… Like I said, the move was stressful and exhausting.

I had previously posted a bare face of my acne when reviewing the Silk’n Revit and you can see a significant difference, especially on my cheeks.


I have been very please with this skincare and HIGHLY recommend using whether you only get a blemish here or there or have acne you’ve been struggling with.

They recently launched a 30 day kit for $29.95 which includes 4 oz of Skin Wash and .5 oz of Blemish Relief Lotion.

*Thank you to KinKick for sponsoring today’s post though all opinions are my own. 
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