I am always eager to try out new foundations and concealers; mainly because I have a ton of adult acne that I am trying to cover.  The thing is, I never had acne until I hit my twenties, which most of my long time readers already know but in case you are new to my blog, now you know! It’s something that really lowers my self confidence that I constantly struggle with. I almost never wore makeup before I got acne and liquid foundations were not something you would ever find in my makeup bag. Over the past years of struggling with acne, I have tried a plethora of foundations trying to find my HG (holy grail) foundations that would cover my imperfections… acne and all. At the same time, I didn’t want to look cakey and I wanted my foundation to last without constant touch-ups through out the day. I have only come across a few foundations that have met this criteria in the past and when I find new HG foundations I always have to share them with you all, just in case any of you have the same issues I do.

My most recent HG foundation find is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Liquid Foundation, which claims to have 15 hour wear. Please! someone tell me why… I have never tried this foundation before now! It’s purely AHHHHMAZING! I don’t usually get my hopes up when I try new foundations out, simply because they rarely ever cover my acne and when they do, they look completely caked on.

To my surprise, I completely blown away by the application and performance of the Estee Lauder foundation.

After getting color matched by the lovely lady to the left side in this photo, I found my perfect shade, desert beige.

Estee Lauder_-6

I was color matched at the Estee Lauder counter were both ladies were extremely helpful and answered all my questions. I highly recommend getting imatched for the perfect shade instead of guessing like I typically do. It makes all the difference when you wear the right shade.

Estee Lauder_-10 Estee Lauder_-9 Estee Lauder_-8 Estee Lauder_-7

Desert Beige matches my skin tone perfectly. In fact, it it probably the most accurate shade of foundation I own. Like I have mentioned several times already, I have a ton of adult acne which makes it difficult for my face to look somewhat flawless but this foundation, along with the double wear concelear, made me look and feel beautiful. It covers my acne without making my face look cakey and it photographs beautifully, which is important in my line of work. As a fashion/beauty blogger, it is important for my makeup to look on point and last all day while I am working or doing photo shoots. Knowing that it lasts throughout my typical long days, makes it the perfect choice for me to wear to photoshoots, special events and celebrations. I feel both beautiful and confident when wearing it.

The foundation itself is very light, yet has amazing coverage. To get that extra coverage and boost of confidence I did apply the Double Wear concealer over top of any really red active break outs and under my eyes. Between the too, I had beautiful, flawless coverage!

Here are a few photos of me wearing the Double Wear Foundation Stay-In-Place Liquid Makeup, Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Coverage Concelar and Matte Perfecting Primer during a photoshoot last week. I had already had the foundation on for several hours prior to the shoot and shot three different looks during this night. The makeup stayed put the entire time without touching up.

kcreamlace0361Of course my skin isn’t perfect and you can see a few bumps on my skin, but the bumps are no longer red and its the most flawless I have seen my face look in a long time. I truly <3 this foundation.

kcreamlace043 kcreamlace041 kcreamlace042 kcreamlace040 kcreamlace039 kcreamlace037 kcreamlace044

To sum it up, this foundation gives me complete confidence and it really does last 15 hours in my experience. Having my makeup last all day and not worry about touch-ups is one less worry for me and it allows me to focus on the more important parts of my day. I love it!

Have you tried either of these two products before? What did you think? 

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    OOO!! I’m for sure going to go get matched!!


    I also use the desert beige shade. What shade of EL DW concealer do you use to cover the blemishes?