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For those of you who do not know, I have to wear glasses. I have always had a bad right eye and a perfect left eye so I can see just fine without the glasses unless I close my left eye, than everything becomes blurry. I have several pairs of glasses; however, I have never owned a pair of sunglasses with my prescription and have always wanted to. Mostly because I can’t wear contacts (my prescription calls for a very thick lens which is so heavy neither I or the optometrist can ever get the lens in my eye :/) So with summer here and the need for sunglasses is upon us, I decided what better time to finally get a prescription filled pair.

One of my favorite places to order glasses from is I have ordered from their site several times in the past and have always receive a great pair of glasses that I love. Normally I am not one to shop for glasses online because I prefer to try them on and see what they look like but because offers several example pictures of different people wearing them, I can get a general idea of what they might look like on me. I have yet to be disappointed by the glasses I have ordered, so that is a plus! As I was browsing for a new pair of sunglasses, the line of Derek Cardigan eyeglasses stood out to me and I ended up ordering the Derek Cardigan Sun 7008 Birch. 

I received the glasses in a matter of days, which was impressive because normally my prescription takes a lot longer to make. With my new glasses, I also received a cleaning cloth, container, and a spray bottle with solution along with a tiny keychain screwdriver to tighten up any loose screws. The glasses themselves are lightweight and stay on my face very well. Overall, I am happy with my new pair of Designer Eyeglasses and highly recommend you purchase your next pair of glasses from!

Me Playing around in my new glasses!

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    Pam W

    Those look great on you! I have to wear glasses too but I don’t look nearly as good with them on as you!


    those look great on you! i’m glad you found a pair of rx sunnies. my husband’s thinking about taking the plunge on those. haven’t looked at coastal before.

    Jennifer Soltys

    Those are really cute! I love the lighter frame color.

    Daisy Tremorev

    Those fit your face very nicely. I’d love to try them out to see how they look on me.

    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    Is there anything, anything at all, that doesn’t look good on you? Those are so cute!

    Melanie Roberts

    Love the look…. fit you perfect….


    What a great accessory (even though you need them, they look awesome on you!)


    Those glasses look great on you. I have ordered from Coastal for my daughter and was happy with my purchase.

    Barb W.

    That’s such a great look on you! I need to update my prescription sunglasses, thanks for sharing, didn’t know Coastal offered such fashionable choices.

    Frugal and Fun Mom

    Very cute! Do they also come in a tortoise color?

    Jennifer Wagner

    Nice glasses. I’ve never bought them online either, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

    Daisy Tremorev

    You look beautiful in these glasses.

    Maria - Tough Cookie Mommy

    I’m an aficionado of sunglasses and these are pretty snazzy! I love being able to coordinate my sunglasses with my outfits and changing them around a bit.


    Love those glasses. They look so nice on you too :0)


    Really like the brown frames, great color for you

    Chrysa Duran

    Cute sunglasses! That reminds me I need to replace my pair of prescription sunglasses too – old prescription!

    Grace Hodgin

    I love sunglasses and even my regular prescription is tinted. These look great.


    Oh those are so cute on you!!! My sister just got her first pair of prescription sunglasses and she loves them too! I heard was great 🙂

    Jenn Mitchell

    Those look great on you. I love sunglasses. I have about 4-5 pairs to change along with what I am wearing.


    That style looks really cute on you!

    Jenna Wood

    I think its great you could get the specialized prescription for your single eye, and still enjoy the stylish sunglasses! I love shopping Coastal!

    JadeLouise Designs

    I love those sunglasses! So fashionable and I love the great protective care!


    Glasses match perfect with your hair and I love how they glass isn’t too light.


    You look like a movie star!


    What awesome sunglasses. So fashionable too!


    I wear contacts most of the time, but have been kicking around the idea of prescription sunglasses. These actually look cool!

    Saving Common Cents

    Great photos! I really like the look of your new shades! 🙂


    These photos remind me of Old Hollywood Glamour. 🙂

    Breige McBride

    Those are gorgeous, the colour goes so well with your hair x

    Amber Mabry

    Those are super cute!


    The glasses look great on you!!

    Krista Bainbridge

    Cute glasses! They are very flattering on your face!

    Jenny Meer Hodges

    The glasses look great!! If you need them adjusted do you just go to your eyecare provider??

    Tiffany DeOs

    They look great!


    love the pix, those glasses look super nice 🙂