Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™Review and Party

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Once I become a mom the pampering days for myself became far and few between. In fact, it was that way for most of my friends as well, so when I had the opportunity to throw a pampering nails party for a few girlfriends of mine, I was thrilled. I called on one of my closets friends, Melinda to help me coordinate everything. We decided to invite 6 other moms to our party. One was a mom of older grown kiddos, one was a first time mom to a sweet little newborn, one was about to be a first time mom and a few of us had a mix of toddlers and babies. We planned the party for when the older kids where at school and during the young ones nap time.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-24


We had two stations set up, one for food and drinks and one for painting our nails. For food we had assorted fruit, Caesar salad, croissant sandwiches and a little pre Halloween candy. For drinks, we had lemon water out of mason jars. Melinda was also kind enough to make two vinyl signs and a banner to decorate the food table with. We got out plates and napkins from the Joy line at Target.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-16

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-15 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-14 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-11 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-12 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-10 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-13

The Nail table was set up with 6 mason jars. Each mason jar contained several cotton balls for removing old nail polish, a nail file to shape our nails with, one bottle of Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ Color and one bottle of Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ Top Coat. Everyone got to choose which color they preferred out of three different shades; a beautiful light pink, baby blue, and dark purple. We also had a few I Heart Nail Art Tool Kits set out on the table runner for those who wanted to get fancy with some nail art.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-17 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-21


Since all of us are busy mommas with little free time for ourselves, we needed a polish that would last on out nails for a few weeks until we had another moment of free time to repaint our nails. They were all thrilled to hear about Sally Hansen’s® new Miracle Gel polish that is available in 45 different shades and had the long-lasting benefits of a gel polish, but without the multiple steps or light of other gel polish. It also removes easily with regular polish remover, even ace-tone free ones.  Simply apply 2-3 coats of the Miracle Gel Color, just like you would any other nail polish and then finish with 1 coat of the Miracle Gel Top coat. So easy right?!?! In just two simple steps you have a salon quality manicure that will last!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-18 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-23 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-20 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-22 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-19


We all loved how easy the formula was to apply with the extra wide brush. The girls and I painted our nails on Tuesday and here it is Friday and I don’t have any chips. I see adding many more colors of the Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ to my nail polish collection in my near future!

Here are all 6 of the girls manicures!

PicMonkey Collage1

My Manicure in my new favorite shade of pink, Pink Cadillaquer  

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Party-8

Now it’s your turn to Join in on the fun and enter to win the Perfect Pair Instagram Sweepstakes. Head on over here for more details on how to enter!


sally hansen

Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ At Last!  Gel without the light!  

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    Fiona Naughton

    I love the sound of a pamper party! How fun! Sally Hansen polishes are great, the fan brush they have is perfect. What a gorgeous pink shade!

    Lana LeFevre

    I love a good Sally Hansen polish and the party decor is so cute! Looks like a great time.


    You decorated everything so nicely. I had a nail painting party a year or two ago, it was so fun. I love your tiek shoes!! (Good eye hehe)


    So cute! What a fun themed party with friends, too!

    Angelic @

    What a fun little party! I’m so bad at painting my own nails. I love the pink color <3

    B. Britnell

    WHAT a cute party idea. I love this. I’ve never tried gel nail polishes at all but I really want to. I’ve heard such good things about it.


    This is the cutest party! I love how you decorated. I am definitely going to pick up the shade you bought to try this out, I love love love that color.

    gillian claire

    What a fun idea!! I love how this nail polish looks so professional – I’m pretty sure I need to try gel polish! I always use cheap polish that seems to start chipping by the end of the day!

    Erica Bodker

    What a great party. I would love to do that with my girls.

    Lavende L.

    Way to make the most out of nap time! So cute, I love all the details!

    Brenda Lawrence

    Your party looks so cute! I’ve never tried gel polish, but I’ll definitely have to look into it!


    what a fun girls night! Makes me want to throw one. So cute!

    Angela Livingston

    Such a cute mom’s night out! I can’t wait to try out the gel polish!

    French Robin Designs

    Great mom’s party idea. I can’t wait to try the gel polish. Your manicures look great!


    Ah – you’re so cute! Love that pink polish!

    Amby Felix

    Oh my gosh! I would love to attend/host one of these parties! It looks like so much fun!!

    Carly Anderson

    What a fun party! I have been wanting to try these gel polishes!


    I really need to try this stuff! And what a fun party that is!

    Susan @ 2catsandchloe

    I’ve seen this around blogland and have only heard great things. I will have to give it a shot! Love the party idea! So fun!

    Jemma Andrew

    This looks like such a fun idea for a party.

    Andi Fisher

    What a fun party! I have never thought about throwing a party like this, it is so clever, I love those quote placards – perfect decorations for the event!


    Fab colours. I’ve never actually thought to have a really girly party like this, but I think it’s such a sweet idea!

    Katie <3


    I need that pink in my life. This looks like so much fun, just missing wine!


    That looks like such a great product worth buying, and I love that blue. What a fun idea for a party!

    Jessica at Team Wiking

    These colors are nice and it looks like it has great shine! I’m all for the black, of course. 🙂

    Sarah Tomorrow

    I wish I could be at the nail party, pretty nails, Sally Hanson Miracle Gel

    Therea N Felix Trejo

    Would love to host a sally Hansen gel party every woman loves feeling pamperd