Scarf Design Tutorial ft. Anu by Natural from Spectacular She

I’ve been randomly obsessed with scarves lately! I have no idea why, especially because I’m in Arizona… I can’t wear them too many places without melting, and if I do they have to be very light and pretty darn awesome. I’m going to show you my scarf stash later on, but first I wanted to show you guys a few different ways to wear them. Check out my video for a few traditional styles, and also some unique, trendy ways to sport a scarf. There are also a few found on Anu by Natural’s site here.

The scarfs I used in this tutorial were two colorful ones by Anu by Natural that I wanted to fiddle with, and a long, layered, tan thrifted scarf that allows a few more elaborate tie designs without getting too short. I love that the orange scarf went so well with my earrings 😀 I’ll have to remember that next time I wear it out somewhere.




Scarf3 (1)

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    Chrysa Duran

    I am so not into scarves, but maybe I’ll have to cave in and give one a try!


    i like the way these look, but they never stay on me right!

    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I need to play around with scarves more. They look terrific on you and so many people!

    Alaina Bullock

    Those are some beautiful scarves! Thanks for the tutorial! I have never been ab;e to figure out how to wear them so they look right

    Grace Hodgin

    thanks for posting. I always like to see these types of tutorials to give me new ideas.