Silk’n ReVit At Home Microdermabrasion System

Silk'n revit microdermabrasion system review

Last week I celebrated my 28th birthday and each year that I get older, the more important it becomes for me to take extra care and caution with my skin.  A few fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes have started to appear, so vanishing those and preventing others as much as possible, has become a huge concern of mine.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to not suffer from acne. I occasionally got a zit here and there, during that “time of month,” but that was the extent of it. After I had my first child at 20, I started to get frequent zits that never seemed to go away and over the years it has progressively gotten worse. I take care of my skin, drink tons of water and eat a VERY clean diet, (no gluten, dairy, wheat, peanuts or eggs) but I still suffer from painful acne and lots of it. It occasionally gets better from time to time, to where I only have one or two active zits at a time but I still have a face full of acne scars. At other times, I will have 10 or more painfully  active zits.

Fine Lines and Acne are my biggest skin concern when it comes to my face these days. One of the newest skincare tools I added to my regime to help combat that was the Silk’n ReVit Microdermabrasion System. The Silk’n ReVit is a new revolutionary tool that combines both microdermabrasion exfoliation and vacuum stimulation together to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and acne scars.

microdermabrasion tool at home

Silk'n revit microdermabrasion system

The benefits of professional results from the comfort and privacy of your home but at the fraction of a cost..yes please! Uncover, healthier skin. Naturally.

Silkn revit microdermabrasion system at home reviw

So How does it work?

The Revit uses a gentle, non-abrasive diamond exfoliation system to remove dead skin cells by drawing them into the device with vacuum stimulation, which in turn leaves your skin with an improved texture, tone and elasticity. There are 2 different levels of comfort you can choose from when using the device. I personally like level 2. Once you are finished with the treatment, you can open the tip of the device to see the dead skin particles that were removed from your skin. This is where you will change the filter.

Silk'n revit microdermabrasion system

How to Use it:

  • Start with a cleanly washed face.  
  • Select the treatment tip you want to use (three to choose from).
  • Turn the device on to the desired energy level (Low, High).  
  • Use one hand to hold your skin taut and with the other hand hold the device.
  • Hold the tip to your face while running it slowly across the desired treatment area of your face.  
  • Treat each area for approx. 5 minutes. A complete session takes between 10-15 min.  
  • Finally, wash your face with cold water and apply moisturizer right after to soothe the skin.  

Silk'n revit microdermabrasion system review micodermabrasion reviews

Tip* Always have the device moving across your skin, do not keep the device in one spot.

microdermabrasion benefits
Depending on you skin type, you’ll want to use the device 3-4 days a week  I have pretty sensitive skin so I been using the Silk’n Revit just a few times a week for the last month and though I still have acne scarring, I have seen a drastic improvement in the fading of my acne scars, improved skin texture and fine lines.

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    Rachel M

    I have the Silk’n hair remover, but was interested in trying this product out, too!


    I too suffer from acne scaring, so I might have to give this a try