Spa Day At Home With Caress Daily Silk

Today I am sharing something that I feel unapologetically feminine about. Once a week I like to pamper myself with a spa day at home (really just 1-2 hours) with Caress daily silk TM. I typically do this on Sunday evenings after the kids are asleep. It’s a great way for me to relax and recharge myself for the week to come. I’m going to share what I usually do on my spa day at home and some of the products I like to use, like Caress daily silk TM. Spa Day at home pampering with caress daily silk

I first start off my spa day at home with a nice hot bubble bath! I love adding essential oils or lush bath bombs to the water and candles around the tub. Since I know I will be relaxing in the tub for a bit I find it to be the perfect time for me to apply a facial mask and hair mask. After I have relaxed for a while, I move onto shaving and exfoliating. You can make your own scrub with just sea salt and olive oil or use a scrub you have on hand. I love using Lush or SheaMoisture scrubs. Once I am done shaving and exfoliating I hop into the shower to rinse off my hair and face mask and wash my body with the Caress Daily Silk ™ silkening body wash. I love how silky soft it leaves my skin, and the white peach and silky orange blossom fragrance it has is femininely refreshing. Caress Daily Silk The next step in my spa day at home pampering routine is to apply a body butter or oil to my skin. I then move to pampering my face. This includes using my PMD microdermabrasion wand and applying my Biossance The Revitalizer squalene drops. If my eyebrows need tweezing I will also take the time to do that.  Once my face is done I move onto my hair. I recently did a post about my hair and apply the same products to my towel-dried hair that I mentioned in that post. Another pampering thing I like to do is whiten my teeth. This is newer to my routine because I have insanely sensitive teeth and haven’t found a product that worked and didn’t hurt my teeth until recently. The last part in my pampering routine is nails. I love to give myself a full-on mani and pedi. I usually only do the mani every week and a pedi every other week because it lasts longer for me. Spa Day At Home Manicure Essentials AuthorLogo Treat yourself to a spa day at home and the alluring fragrance of Caress® Daily Silk™ every day and feel truly irresistible. Refer to  

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    Robin Rue

    I am allergic to Caress, but my mom uses it and has been since I was a little girl. I bet she would love an at home spa day.

    Terri Ramsey Beavers

    I love caress and I can’t wait to try the alluring fragrance of Caress® Daily Silk™. Thanks for sharing, I am jotting it on my grocery list. I’ll pass your post along to my daughters and DIL as well.

    Amanda Simkin

    That is such a great idea to treat yourself to some “me” time on Sunday nights. I’m typically running around getting ready for the week but I bet you are so much more relaxed than me!

    rika agustini

    you posted so many awesome pics! You look so beautiful

    Eileen Mendoza Loya

    This is something I really need to do for myself. I am so busy juggling a full time night job, a part time job, running a household and minding the budget. When weekend comes around, I am just so tired that I just sleep a lot.

    Esme Sy

    I’d love to do this for myself even just once or twice a week would be nice! Lol. It’s really difficult to not have a spa day when you’re a mom.

    TheL's Mum

    I think it is so important to take time out for yourself, I always try and so something similar on a sunday evening to set me up for the week.

    Jeanine @

    It’s so important to have time for yourself. I always make time for myself and usually thats locked in the bathroom having a bubble bath. I would LOVE a spa day!

    katie r.

    Every week I spend one evening pampering myself. I soak in the tub, do my nails, deep condition my hair and listen to some good music with a glass or two of wine. We need a bit of time to recharge ourselves.


    I do love things that smell good. I would be happy to try the Caress.

    Betzy Carmona

    I love your pictures !


    I love making time for myself, and a spa day would be the best way to complete it. Having an at home spa would just bring more fun to the day!


    I love Caress daily silk! And your pictures looks like they were done in a spa!