Sparkly Holiday Nails

Easy Sparkly Holiday Nail Tutorial

Happy Thursday Friends! Today I am sharing an EASY sparkly holiday nails art tutorial that I created. Being a mom of an active 16 month old boy, I don’t have much time to spend on my nails, let alone nail art.  I really wanted to do fun nail art though with the holidays and was able to create this without the little man ruining them before they dried lol. The step-by-step tutorial for my sparkly holiday nails is listed at the end of the post, but I am sure you could re-create this look without the instructions!

Sparkly_Holiday_Nails-8Sparkly_Holiday_Nails-10Sparkly Holiday Nails-3Sparkly Holiday Nails Sparkly Holiday Nails-2

Step 1: Apply 1 coat of Red Polish on all nails and 1 coat of fine red glitter polish over the now red nails. Once dry add diagonal stripes of tape to the accent nail.

Step 2: Paint over the tape with a shimmery silver polish. Once dry, peel off tape.

Step 3: Clean up any messes around the edges of your nails using  Q-tips Precision tips.

Step 4: Apply a chunky silver glitter polish over all other nails. Then add a top coat and your done!

Thanks to Q-tips for sponsoring today’s discussion

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