Summer Sunnies

Summer Sunnies Picks

Now that the rainy months have ended and things are warming up outside where I live, I find myself walking into rays of sunshine with no sunnies on my face. I have no idea where all of my sunglasses have gone but I do know that my poor little eyes are tired of squinting at the bright sun; therefore, I have decided that it is finally time to invest in some new sunnies for this year. I have been busy browsing the internet looking for a few new pairs to purchase. I am not one to spend a fortune on sunnies because I seem to loose them to often but I do like having at least one nice pair. I am a huge fan of Michael Kors watches, bags and sunglasses and this year I really want at least one pair of them. Other than that, I just want a ton of fun inexpensive sunnies to accessorize with my spring and summer wardrobe. I love how fun all of these sunnies are for spring and summer.

Here are 7 of my favorites that I have come across so far:

  1. January Aviator Sunglasses ($12.50)
  2. Michael Kors Sunglasses UK Rachel (91.00)
  3. Milly Polka Dot Wayfarer Sunglasses ($7.69)
  4. Amelia Pearl Trim Sunglasses ($15.63)
  5. Milly Polka Dot Wayfarer Sunglasses ($7.69)
  6. MIchael Kors Sunglasses UK Vanessa  (91.00)  
  7. Lola Monochrome Sunglasses ($15.63) 

What pair of sunnies do you have your eyes on at the moment?

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    Chelsea Nicole

    Love the sunglasses you picked out. I am in the market for new ones too. I also tend to lose mine at the pool or beach or when my little one hides them. Thanks for sharing, I am off to buy a pair or two.


    Great timing on your post. l like a few of glasses myself. What a fun fashionable review!!

    Ronni Keller

    I just got me some new shades!!
    I don’t think I could pull off #4 without feeling/looking totally silly! 😉


      lol they are unique for sure but i love that about them!

    Dawn Lopez

    Ooh I really like the Lola Monochrome Sunglasses, very fun and pretty!


    I LOVE the glasses!! Very stylish and fun. 🙂

    Jennifer Soltys

    I need new sunglasses so bad! These are affordable, too!!! My favs are #3 and #7.


    I want the Vanessa glasses by Michael Kors!


      Me too!

    Amiyrah Martin

    I love those polka dot wayfarer glasses!


    I like pair number four. Those are so unique!


      i know right! love how fun and unique they are


    I love the January Aviator Sunglasses ($12.50) so cute!


    I really need to get some new sunglasses. I love #4!


      I love 4 too! its so fun and different 😉

    Brett Martin

    Of course I like the Michael Kors glasses…$91!!


      I know right 🙂 Its the one designer pair I want! Maybe the hubby will get me a pair for my birthday in less than 2 months 😉


    Ooooo, that pair from Michael Kors is suh-weet! Also, you just reminded me to put mine in my purse. (I have an Rx pair), so thank you!


      i love MIchael Kors Sunglasses they are awesome!

    Couponing Away Debt

    Oh I LOVE #3 so cute!


    I love the boohoo glasses $12 is a steal


    I really need new sunglasses. Mine are so old, scratched, but yet comfy.


    I’m with you and don’t typically spend a lot on sunglasses either because I loose them from time to time as well. I do love a good pair though and those Michael Kors would be pairs I would be sure to keep track of.


    How very fun! I need some new sunglasses!

    Barb Webb

    Such cute styles! #3 is more my style, but I think #4 is adorable. Wish I could pull that off!

    Grace Hodgin

    I love these fun styles.


    I love all of these cute styles. I still haven’t bought new sunglasses for this summer yet and need to pick some out. I’m leaning toward #6!


    All of those styles look so chic. I could sure use some new sunglasses.


    #4 are hilariously me but I would probably stick to 3 and 7!

    Melanie Roberts

    I love these.. they look soo stylish and the price isn’t bad at all on some of them. Thanks for sharing; I sooo need a new pair. Now to decide which one I like and which one that will work with my face..mhhhh

    Ellen Christian

    I love the Rachel. Very cute!


    i LOVE number 6!!

    Sandy a la Mode


    #4 looks like a lot of fun to wear!

    Jenn Mitchell

    Super cute glasses. I like #3 and #6.

    Sofia Byrd

    I love both the Wayfarer’s. Currently we have no sun so there is no need for sunglasses….which is very, very sad. But I have a pair of black Wayfarer sunnies I use (whenever it is sunny)

    Brianna Dale

    I desperately need new sunnies. I want to get my rx in a pair of raybans


    #6 for sure! I have a pair of MK aviators and they are awesome.


    I look very nice in pearls. Just ask my publicist. But I think she would look better

    Jenna Wood

    Those Michael Kors sunglasses could make ANY Summer look for this So Cal girl!

    Lena B

    so festive and summerish – love it!

    JadeLouise Designs

    Those are such fun Sunglasses! I would wear #5 Milly Polka Dot Wayfarer Sunglasses ($7.69)

    Brandy Myers

    I love shopping for sunglasses. They can really change a look.

    melissa weintraub

    Sunglass shopping is my absolute favorite!


    I have a pair prescription sunglasses…not very fun!