Tarte Strike A Pose Limited-Edition Statement Lash Set Review

Tarte Strike a pose limited edition staemnet lash set

Are you a fan of Tarte’s revolutionary lights, camera, flashes statement mascara? If so, you will love their limited-edition lash set, strike a pose ($19 USD). This is a great little duo that includes a limited-edition gold picture perfect eyelash curler and a deluxe size of the lights, camera, flashes statement mascara. With this duo, you can achieve bombshell lashes by curling your lashes with the provided lash curler and then applying the revolutionary mascara, which provides a 752% increase in lash volume instantly. Yes, I said 752%! How is that possible? With the dual-sided molded brush. One side is shorter and denser which allows the mascara to volumize and coat the lashes; whereas, the longer, firmer side lengthens and separates the lashes.

I was amazed at how well my lashes looked when I first tried the lights, camera, flashes statement mascara. I had no issues with applying the mascara and it lasted all day without smudging or smearing. I saw a huge difference in the length and volume of my lashes with just one coat but I was able to apply a second coat for a more dramatic result without it clumping. I did find the formula of this mascara to be more dry than wet.

The limited-edition gold picture perfect eyelash curler is very gentle on the lashes, yet effective. It is able to curl the lashes from base to tip without any tugging, pulling or pinching involved. It has a nice universal shape and comes in a beautiful gold tone shade.












Overall, the formula of this mascara lengthens and volumizes my lashes while keeping them curled without any clumping. I love the dramatic look it gives and the ultra-black shade really makes my eyes pop.


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    Jennifer Medeiros

    Every girl needs some good mascara! Looks like a great product!

    Lois Alter Mark

    Wow! I have thin eyelashes and will look for this mascara. I like the packaging too!


    This makes your lashes look gorgeous! I’m always open for trying new mascaras that claim not to clump as mine always seem to after a few weeks of use.


    This really does make your eyes pop. My daughter would love this!

    A Mom's Take

    WOW!! Your eyes look amazing!!

    Daisy Tremorev

    I haven’t tried the Tarte brand yet, but I’m dying to! The dramatic response is amazing!


    What an elegant set – you have very va-va-voom lashes!


    I can’t remember the last time I curled my lashes. After seeing your results, I’ll definitely start doing it.

    Melanie Roberts

    Love curled lashes but never did it to myself.. no idea why, but now I soo want to try it, thanks for sharing


    Very pretty, big difference. I can’t live without my eye lash curler!

    Jennifer Soltys

    That’s quite a difference and looks awesome!! Such a great look!

    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    Pretty before too, but what a stylish glammed up difference.


    wow. i need this for my bare naked non existent lashes!


    In love with that! I was just thinking of trying an eyelash curler, this looks like an awesome set. I have tried a Tarte mascara before and loved it!


    That set looks beautiful and Iove that the wand isn’t long.

    Shell Feis

    I love Tarte & need an eyelash curler- looks like I’ll be picking this up!

    [email protected] Spring Mount 6 Pack

    Your eyes look amazing!

    Tree a.k.a Mother of Pearl

    Okay, I need this! 🙂 I faithfully use my eyelash curler daily, but this one looks awesome. And a great price too for the combo.

    Melissa Vosburgh

    I love brushes that size and shape, looks great !

    Mama to 5 Blessings

    that makes your eyes really pop, makes a huge difference! I have never used an eyelash curler before, does it hurt?


    I love the handle on the eyelash curler. I have a few Tarte products but haven’t tried their mascara yet.


    the eyelash curler would be great to use, my eyelashes could use some help!


    wow! you can see the difference. I may have to try this!

    Shannon Lazovski

    Love it!!! Love glam eyes and glam products to get you there! I need this!! It’s such a pretty set!


    Gorgeous! Love the after look.

    Jenn Mitchell

    Woah! What a difference. Amazing!


    The packaging is just gorgeous. Your eyes are Hollywood ready after you put it on!


    I really like that eyelash curler, I want one! Love the look it gives.

    Ashley Sears

    Your lashes look amazing! That is a night and day difference!

    JadeLouise Designs

    I love the brush on that mascara! It looks like it could really spread out the mascara and not leave with a lot of clumps!


    Is it wrong that I want that just because the packaging looks so cool?

    Jenna Wood

    Tarte’s a brand I’ve yet to try- but that Eyelash Curler duo is going on my Christmas wish list, for sure.

    Grace Hodgin

    The older I get the shorter my lashes are becoming so I have to curl them and wear mascara


    How do your posts just keep getting better? The product picture at the top is so nice and makes me really want to buy it! Good thing I have Seophora card!


    Tarte mascara is my favorite! Combine it with the Tarte primer, you’ll be amazed.

    mel pezza

    Wow! Gorgeous! I need to try this out!


    I haven’t heard of this brand before but the result does looks nice so I am gonna check it out when it’s time to buy a new mascara!


    It’s from Sephora, so it has to be awesome. I love the beautiful look of the gold lash curler!

    Heather Johnson

    Very pretty and not too clumpy!


    Looks like a wonderful product that makes a big difference 🙂


    This looks like something my Mom could really use!

    Kristy Figueroa

    This mascara makes a dramatic difference with your lashes! WOW!


    Wow! What a HUGE difference! And $19? That’s so affordable…Sephora, here I come! LOL

    Myrah - Coupon Mamacita

    What a huge difference that product makes! And not expensive at all!!

    Daisy Tremorev

    I love the dramatic difference! I need to try these.

    Pam W

    THese really do create a dramatic effect. Very nice!

    Carlee C

    That is a pretty fancy looking set, and the results are very dramatic!


    Whoa, truly beautiful!

    Renae C.

    That really seems to ‘wake up’ your eyes! I also love the gold color! Very unique!

    Maria - Tough Cookie Mommy

    It really makes your eyelashes look full and beautiful. This is a great product.


    I love all Sephora products and this one is a great one. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I found your post from Karmabloggers on FB. My name on there is Alicia Justice . I like to comment on all posts even if they are below my link lol. I think its fun to find bloggers that I haven’t read many posts from! I hope you have a great day!


    I have a lot of trouble with eyelashes since I don’t have a lot! They look great on you but wonder if it would work with stupple lashes like mine. So done with raccoon eyes! HA HAl

    Alyssa C

    Wow, it makes your eyelashes look full and gorgeous! Great review

    Cindy Batchelor

    Wow this mascara makes your eyelashes look amazing! Gotta try this one!

    Alaina Bullock

    Your lashes look great! I have never heard of this brand, but I would love to try it. I really like that it comes with a curler, and it looks so stylish too! Definitely have to try this one!

    Taryn Pasco

    I have very long, very straight eyelashes so I am always curling them, but struggle to find an eyelash curler that works! This looks great. Thanks for sharing! (FaceBook:TJ Sims)

    Saving Common Cents

    Wow! This really does look like it makes a HUGE difference! I have almost non-existant eyelashes so this really would be perfect for me.