Toddler Tuesday :: Taylor Joelle Wild Garden Tutu Dress

Taylor Joelle Wild Garden Tutu Dress-7Taylor Joelle Wild Garden Tutu Dress-4Taylor Joelle Wild Garden Tutu Dress-6Taylor Joelle Wild Garden Tutu Dress-3Taylor Joelle Wild Garden Tutu Dress-2Taylor Joelle Wild Garden Tutu Dress-5


Happy Tuesday Friends! Can we just talk about how insanely GORGEOUS this Wild Garden Tutu Dress from Taylor Joelle is?!? My daughter and I absolutely adore everything about this dress! In fact, we have always loved the tutu dresses from Taylor Joelle. My daughter own three of them and rotates wearing them over and over. They are very well made and wash extremely well without any issues. Every time she wears one out, she gets a ton of compliments on it.

****P.S. The Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is HERE! It finally started on October 9th and runs through the 19th and Taylor Joelle is one of the amazing sponsoring this year :) Make sure you enter my $1,000 FASHION PRIZE PACKAGE before it ends! ****

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    She’s adorable, and she’s got the moves down! Too cute!

    Elizabeth @ Being MVP

    Ah so cute! What a pretty dress.


    The dress is beautiful! I can see any little girl loving it and wanting to twirl all day!

    JadeLouise Designs

    I absolutely adore this dress! My daughter would love it too! She is all about the frilly dresses and tutus always make her happy!

    Dee Mauser

    This is an adorable dress and I see a future model in the works. hehee! I love dresses that flow and move freely when you walk.


    This is such a cute dress. I love the skirt and the colors.

    Tammi Roy

    I wouldn’t normally gravitate to that colour but it looks so good with the top. Wow!

    Amy Desrosiers

    Oh man, your daughter is your mini me and every possible way! I love her confidence!

    Mama to 5 Blessings

    What a beautiful dress, my daughter would love it.. Your daughter is so beautiful!

    Jennifer Williams

    She is a natural with the modeling. I love her outfit, it makes her look a little grown up.

    Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    What an absolutely darling daughter you have! She wears that dress so well and is quite photogenic 🙂


    What a cute outfit, and the model is adorable! =D She really is good in front of the camera.

    Ronni Keller

    Can we just add how stinking cute she is??!! Takes after her mama for sure! She’s even got the pose down! LOL

    Aimee Smith

    We love Taylor Joelle’s stuff! It is so well made and adorable!!

    [email protected] Spring Mount 6 Pack

    This is so cute! She really has those poses down.

    Angele Lafond

    CAn we just talk about how gorgeous your daughter is????? great dress, and great pics too!