The Father’s Day Frenzy Gift Guide

Father's Day Gifts

Frantic over Father’s Day? Not to worry– we’ve got you covered! We’ve got plenty of ideas that will help you prepare for the day dedicated to the guy that no one knows what to get. Always remember to make sure you know what type of person you’re shopping for. Do they like whimsical, stationery gifts that produce happy memories? Are they the type that would prefer something that can be used over and over again? What are their hobbies? Do they like steak? Ha! Maybe they’re the guy that loves gag gifts and goofy objects. You can begin to narrow it down to something that they’ll appreciate and hopefully fall in love with no matter how simple or extravagant. Here is a simple, yet creative list that won’t leave you getting the important father in your life a tie or set of golf balls.

1. I’ll be honest, I haven’t met many men in my life that don’t like to grill. My dad can’t cook on a stove to save his life, but man oh man! If you give him a grill and some raw meat– he is as happy as can be. Our taste buds aren’t complaining either! You can head on over to and sitting among plenty of great ideas, the Cuisinart 10-Piece Grill Tool Set is waiting for the steak-loving Dad you know.

2. Sometimes Dads don’t like a big scene… they’d rather be fishin’. That’s exactly what this shirt from will blatantly state. If the dad you’re looking to impress doesn’t want the whole nine yards (we’ll get to that next), give him the thoughtful gift of a fishing trip– and a  fishing shirt to wear when he gets back!

3. Sports. Is there anything else that can be said for this one? If you’re shopping for a dad who likes football, or any other sport, help him feel more comfortable at his work meetings by getting him gussied up with a Chicago Bears tie clip and cufflinks from Or maybe a duffel bag? Picture frame? Book ends? Whatever you were thinking of getting him, adding sports will ensure that he’s struttin’ around or showing it off every chance he gets.

4. This has to be my favorite out of the items I’ve come across. It’s perfect for the new fathers out there this year. While it seems so sweet and feminine, those who are typical movie buffs will love using this like one of the main characters in The Hangover. Although it may not be used to cart a random infant all over Las Vegas, it can definitely give mom a little in the process. Check out BABYBJORN’s Baby carrier and give Daddy an extra incentive to carry around his new obsession. I found one on sale for 25% off at!

5. For those father’s that deserve to be spoiled a little more than usual, or who love shoes as much as I do, why not a gorgeous pair of men’s leather shoes? Dad’s work hard– they bring home the bacon. Now we can have them bring it in style! You can head on over to Crockett & Jones to choose from the highest quality English leather shoes that are sure to impress any shoe lover. Classics never die 🙂

6. Is Dad into nature, does he travel? Is he always the one capturing those precious moments… on his camera phone? Surprise him with a nice little upgrade! has some great prices on digital cameras suitable for surprising that dad after you thought you had run out of options. Don’t forget accessories before you count this idea out. A nice case or extra add-on’s can be a delightful treat to an amateur enthusiast.

So if all else fails, go with a gag gift– chances are Dad could use a laugh anyway and who knows what hilarious memories may be made when he’s sees what you got him. Uncommon Goods has a pretty neat selection to cover you in that department.

Good luck! Remember, don’t stress out too much because if it’s from the heart, he’ll love it.

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    Great roundup! Electronics are always nice!


    I’ll take a new pair of sheos please. 🙂

    Shari Lynne

    Those are fantastic gifts in your gift guide! I know my hubs would love the Nikon! He’s always grabbing mine!! 😛


    These are such great finds!


    Great gift ideas. Getting my Father a gift is easy.. gift card. He has everything he needs or wants so a restaurant gift card is always a hit.


    Fun collection of goodies! My dad would like a new video game.


    Great suggestions! I always find “dad” gifts the most difficult to shop for and you have given me some awesome ideas.


    My husband would love a new grill set. We got him one a few years ago, but it’s been overused already. Time for a new one!

    J-Man and MillerBug

    These are great ideas! My hubby would love the grill set!


    Those are all great ideas! We haven’t gotten our gift yet, I better get on it!


    I know my Hubs would love that Nikon. Actually I think I would!! 😉