The Newbie—this is going to be fun!

Hello! My name is Samantha; I am the new co-writer with K Squared Glamour and am so excited to be here! I’ve spent about half of my life in Chicago and another good chunk in the back woods of Tennessee, and finally a recent Tucsonan. I suppose you could say I’m a city girl at heart with an adventurous southern belle type of outlook on life. I find any outdoor activity riveting and will try just about anything, especially if it’s on my bucket list. Being passionate is an extremely vital piece of my life; half-heartedness just doesn’t cut it.  I talk too much… I am actually Kristyn’s roommate, yet sorta her opposite. She is the sister that I’ve always wanted—a fantastic woman with a great (not to mention gorgeous) head on her shoulders, marvelous advice, and last but not least her fashion sense is to die for. I’ll admit that I am not nearly as glamorous as she, but I’ll be doing some awesome reviews for your reading and sweepstakes pleasure. Can I get a “Woot” for some giveaways?! Coming up will be a review for a company called Monroe and Main  that offered to let us review an item from their spring collection clothing line, and later on my thoughts and ponderings on a consciousbox. Stay tuned ya’ll—it’s gonna be good.

You’ll see my face… eventually

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