The TILE app :: My new must have device + The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Every day I spend endless mounts of time searching for my keys, purse and kids stuff. Our mornings start out calm and end in chaos as everyone helps me try and find the items we need to leave the house.

Finally, TILE is here to save the day! I tiled my keys, purse, diaper bag and phone. I wanted to see how easy our day would go the following morning with TILE, so I asked my husband and kids to hide everything. The next morning I awoke jumped on my laptop, opened up the TILE app and voila, so amazing, all items were quickly located and we were out the door in no time.

What a lifesaver this app is. As a busy mom and full time blogger I find my days in constant fluctuation, which leaves only room for lost items, daily. TILE has saved me from the norm headache of the morning and helped replace it with calmness. My kids and husband are so thankful to not hear me frustrated anymore in the morning over lost items.

Another great asset this device provides is helping while on the go. Have you ever went to the park for a picnic with the kids? Well, let me tell you TILE became a wonderful tool to have. Little ones tend to go through everything, and I mean everything. My little boy tore the diaper bag apart to play with and find his toys, before I knew it everything was scattered and he took my keys to play with. Fortunately I had TILE attached to them, and what a relief. The TILE app lead me straight to the sand box where he had buried the keys, along with my wallet, lol. Gotta give it to him for trying, but TILE saved the day. Definitely my new SUPERHERO to help when my little superhero takes things to hide.


I decided that if TILE can bring peace to my life, how great a present it would be for father’s day. As with most men, they don’t like to admit to losing things. My husband typically doesn’t ask for help, or directions, so this little device will definitely go along way with him in helping him find his misplaced things. I look forward to giving TILE as a gift, and so should you!

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