UNT Cosmetics :: The makeup brand you need to know!

I recently discovered a new makeup brand that I have, quite simply, fallen in love with. UNT is a beauty company from Taiwan that offers a plethora of innovative and effective skincare and makeup products that are also affordable to the mass market. They recently became available in the US and I couldn’t be more thrilled about them. Now, I have only tried a few of their products so far, but have been truly impressed by them and plan to order more.

Let’s start with one of my favorite products, the Mineraluxe BB cream SPF30.


I have tried my fair share of BB creams in the past and though I love the concept of them, most have not provided enough coverage for my acne prone sensitive skin. I have to wear full coverage foundations to hide the blemishes but was surprisingly impressed by the performance of this BB cream. I would confidently wear it on its own without a foundation or concealer overtop. The color matches my skin perfectly and I love the fresh dewy finish it gives my skin. It doesn’t leave my skin oily or dry, it has the perfect balance. I have a habit of touching my face throughout the day (I know it’s bad for the skin) but I really loved the way my skin felt when wearing this BB cream. My skin felt really soft and didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything. Most of the time I can fell the makeup and quite a bit gets rubbed off on my finger but with this, I didn’t feel the makeup and almost nothing wiped off on my finger. The coverage stayed on all day for me. I highly recommend this BB cream.

Next up we have the Naked Truth CC Cream, which comes out white but blends into the skin beautifully and leaves a nice radiant finish.


Unlike the BB cream, this CC cream is ultra-sheer, nearly invisible for those who want a “barely there” look. If you have beautiful skin that doesn’t need much coverage then this will work perfect for you. It evens out minor skin discolorations and makes the skin look gorgeous but as I mentioned before, I need full coverage. However, I really like applying this under the BB cream as if it were a makeup primer. This duo together is my new favorite and my skin looks beautiful (beautiful for me) but still feels like skin.

UNT BB & CC cream


Now many of you might look at this photo and think thats not beautiful skin, but for me it is. I struggle with really bad adult acne and if your really curious as to how bad you can search my site for photos of my bare skin. I have posted my bare face a few times to show how well (or not) a product works in the past but decided to show how well this covers compared to a full coverage foundation for this review. Unless I am reviewing a foundation I will photoshop the blemishes from my face because in my opinion they are distracting. When I look at my photos my eyes immediately draw to the blemishes and not my hair, lipstick, earrings or outfit I am trying to share, so for those reasons I chose to photoshop them out. Though if I am far away in a shot, you can’t really see them to begin with.

I never had acne before (sometimes i would get a zit during that time of month but nothing bad) but after having my daughter I got terrible acne that I haven’t been able to get rid of. I’ve tried many full coverage foundations, and while some work well, almost all of them cause me to break out worse, so I can’t use them. I have 2 foundations I typically rotate through that don’t cause much breakouts for me, unless i fall asleep with my makeup on. I’m showing this side by side comparison of one of my full coverage foundations and the UNT CC cream with the BB cream overtop.  to show you how well it covers. Yes, you can see mu active breakout bumps but you can still see them with my full coverage foundation, which I also added concealer to. What I like about the CC & BB cream duo is that it looks more like skin, is more light-weight and doesn’t feel like I am wearing makeup.

My next favorite product that I tried was the Eye define liquid eyeliner and I must say, I’m obsessed with it


I have been on the hunt for a really good liquid liner that made application easier for me. I have really bad vision in my right eye and contacts are not an option because the lens is to heavy and I can never get them in my eye before they fall, neither could the optometrist. This makes applying eyeliner very difficult for me but the precise applicator on this liquid liner made it glide on effortless and I was able to even leave my eye slightly open to see what I was doing. Every time I tried this with other liners, it would get caught in my lashes making my mascara look clumpy. The color is very, very black, which I love. I didn’t have any issues with smudging either. I highly recommend this liner.

PicMonkey Collage

The next product I tried was the Brow Master Dual Ended Brow Pencil.


I love that it is Dual ended and glides on nicely and I have seen others rave about this brow pencil. For me personally I had a hard time with it not because it didn’t work well but because brows are hard for me in general and I tend to over do it with pencils. The shape of my brows come out wacky and much thicker then they are. Why? I don’t know lol but some reason I can only use gel-based products for my brows. I actually didn’t want to post the photos I took for this review because my brows were so off point haha but I found a few side angles where they didnt look so bad. They had a very pointed arch and looked off on me, especially from a front few. Again, not because the brow pencil is bad, but because I am challenged with brow pencils in general.

UNT eye define liquid mascara

The last product I was sent to review was their nail lacquer. I personally don’t like to use polishes that aren’t 5-free but did try it out for the purpose of this review. I really love the shade of pink (bubble gum pink) and the glitter polishes is also lovely. They were both easy to apply and took about 3 coats to be opaque. I personally prefer 5-free nail polishes so it won’t be something I will re-use but if you aren’t picky like me, its a great polish and it dries super fast. I actually just finished painting my nails with it and my son took his diaper off and made a mess, if you know what I mean, and I had to clean it up immediately. To my surprise only only very small smudge happened. Thats how fast it dried and how well it stayed.


Overall, UNT has impressed me as a company thus far and I can’t wait to purchase some other products from their line and give them a try. I love when I discover new brands that have great products and I love them even more when they are affordable! Make sure to visit UNT on facebook for more information on giveaways and sampling programs.

UNT was kind enough to offer a coupon code for 10% off their entire website using code UNT10OFF. Valid from 9/7-10/31.

I am also hosting a giveaway for a these UNT Cosmetics: mini CC cream, BB cream and 2 nail polishes. Simply enter using the entry form below. Good Luck!

UNT Cosmetics

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    Hope to win the unt prize ????


    I am definitely going to check this brand out! 😀

    Colleen Boudreau

    Thank you!


    I must say that you are an absolutely beautiful girl. Great job on the make-up.

    Rachel Beltz

    That nail polish is almost as beautiful as you ;P
    But seriously- you’re perfect.


    Your makeup looks great and I love the earrings.


    That liquid liner looks great. It would be very easy to do all kinds of cat eye looks with it.

    Colleen Long

    I am in desperate need of some liquid eyeliner.

    Judy Thomas

    Love the liquid eyeliner!

    Natalie Carlson Brown

    I’ve never heard of this company before but, wow, these look like quality products! Thank-you for this chance. 🙂


    Thank you for the chance to win, I have never heard of this brand before now.


    I love trying new brands of cosmetics… thanks for introducing this one!


    Those lipsticks look great on you! I always love trying new makeup. Thanks for this giveaway!

    Christy DuBois

    This makeup looks wonderful of you. I love all of it, eyes, lips, complexion, it all looks so good…which makes me want to try these even more. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    Addie F.

    Your skin looks amazing using just the BB cream! No BB creams I’ve tried have been that good or offered that much coverage so I really want to try this!

    MargaretAnn Rice

    you look fantastic, and I would definitely give this to my granddaughter who will turn 15 soon — this is great! Thank you!!!


    I love the eye liner and have never used a liquid eye liner before


    Absolutely gorgeous review from a stunningly beautiful woman! Thanks for the chance of participation. Hoping to win! 🙂


    Absolutely gorgeous review from a stunning woman! Thanks for the chance to participate. Hope to win! 🙂


    The eye liner is amazing.

    Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Your eyeliner looks great. I would love to try this look and go a little bolder.

    Charles Bradshaw

    I would love this for my sister. She deserves it.


    I’ve never tried any of these brands.. but that may change after seeing your blog!


    I would share with my friend Amanda.

    Crystal Sell

    I think those are the prettiest shades of pink I have ever seen!

    llwynog ysbryd

    What a sweet prize! Thank you for the contest!


    The eyeliner is just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance!

    Hannah C

    I have never used UNT cosmetics but I would love to give them a try. They look awesome. Thank you for the chance to win!