Vichy Idéalia Life Serum

Vichy Idealia Life Serum #LifeProofSkin

[red_button url=”” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_self”] In the past 8 days, I lived my life to the fullest with Vichy Idéalia as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #LifeProofSkin. [/red_button]

We all want beautiful skin right?!?! I know I sure do but more often than not, it seems so far out of reach from me. You see, I have had 4 main enemies that have been making it nearly impossible for me to achieve my ideal skin.

The Four Enemies Are: 

Tired & Stressed - Blank

Stress & Lack of Sleep

This is my biggest enemy and let me tell you, we go way back! As a military spouse with one 6 year old, an almost 1 year old, and a full time job, I find myself with little time to de-stress and relax. I am often up until midnight working and then wake up at 4am to start the new day. With this kind of lifestyle, you can bet my skin is taking a beating. My skin is often exhausted, which dramatically reduces brightness and vitality

My Environment

Unless you live in a bubble, we all are exposed to a dirty world that pollutes our skin on a daily basis. Did you know that on average we come into contact with about 700,000 toxins each and every day?!? Yikes! These toxins challenge our skins strength and quality and more often than not we are left with worn down, dull, sallow, sensitive and prematurely aged skin.

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies - Blank

An Unbalanced Diet

This is one of my strengths, yet one of my weakness. I know how to eat really healthy compared to the average person and I have done tons of research on it; however, I struggle with balancing the things I eat. I get stuck on the same healthy foods and constantly eat them over and over and everything, healthy or not, needs to be in moderation. I also love fruit more than veggies so my body is often not PH balanced like it should be. And I have a confession; I am ADDICTED to these Paleo chocolate chip cookies. I seriously make them like everyday. I eat half the cookie dough and bake the other half. Granted they are healthier than the average cookie, they still don’t need to be indulged in everyday! Having an unbalanced diest can lead to enlarged poes, oiliness, lines and wrinkles.

And UV Rays 

Even just 15 minutes out in the sun everyday can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, and damage. Most of us spend well over that amount of time in the sun. I get that much sun just from photographing my outfit of the day posts!

Now for the good news, both you and I no longer have to worry about these enemies standing in our way from achieving our ideal skin. You see Vichy recently came out with the line Idéalia, a skin serum and eye cream that counteracts the 4 enemies of ideal skin and provides a visible transformation of skin quality in just 8 days.  To good to be true? Actually its not! I just took the 8-day #LifeProofSkin challenge using the Vichy Idéalia Life Serum and Eye Cream and was able to achieve a more even & illuminated skin tone, smaller pores, and smoother skin.  I cant wait to see how much more my skin improves as I continue to use this product. Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me and my abused skin!

You can find Vichy Idéalia at your local Ulta store!

Now its your turn to take the Vichy #LifeProofSkin challenge. To learn more about the challenge, head on over HERE.


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    these products sound promising! thanks for sharing 🙂

    B. Britnell

    I need to try this! I’ve really noticed a more uneven skin tone lately. I feel like my skin is most heavily affected by what I eat and when I’m not eating great or drinking enough water, my skin reacts.

    Maryann Peik

    Thank you for sharing– will check it out!


    Agree on all your four points. I’m living in California now, and although the sun is shining every day and super beautiful outside, I can’t help but want to stay indoors a little more than usual due to all the sun rays and damage it causes! Lol 🙁

    Alisha H.

    I need more sleep. I think it shows on my skin. Sometimes I average about three or four hours a night.

    Leah Kuck

    Thanks for sharing – definitely checking this out!

    Jenna Brussee

    This product sounds great! Definitely what my skin needs.

    Michelle Snow

    Cool, I definitely have some skin issues. I never thought though it could be a result of lack of sleep and bad diet. I might have to look into this.

    Tanya Coffman

    Sounds like a great product! I agree, stress and lack of sleep can do havoc on your face (and whole body)

    Breanna ♥ More than Love

    I love posts like this introducing me to new products! Lack of sleep can affect skin? Geeze. No wonder I look awful all the time. I’m going to have to try this stuff out!

    Michelle Chouinard

    Thanks for sharing this. My skin definitely needs help…


    This sounds amazing, I don’t even break out at that time of the month, but I ALWAYS break out from stress!

    Laurel Wads

    Stress and lack of sleep. I completely break out, it’s horrible.

    Karissa Ancell

    I suffer from lots of these things and am afraid as I get older my skin is going to really suffer for it.

    Mandi Kane

    Well, you certainly made the case for sleep. I like to think I take care of my skin because I “use products” but skincare really is about healthy habits all around.

    JoAnn Madden Crohn

    Wow, you have an insane schedule. I feel for you. 4 hours would not give me enough time to recharge.


    oh my heck you are so busy! I can’t imagine doing all of that!

    Jessica at Team Wiking

    I feel like I need to use this. My schedule is similar to yours. 🙁

    thank you for sharing! sometimes i stay up late and then i feel it !


    I feel you on this post, I’m so busy I can’t see straight sometimes, and I don’t even notice it for a while, but it definitely catches up to me.


    I have hopefully been blessed with my mum’s skin. She’s a military wife, had four kids, worked full time, moved all over the UK and still has not one wrinkle on her face. Please let me have inherited that! My skin goes through hell. I’m awful about my skin – always in such a hurry rushing to and from events or other things I use face wipes to remove my makeup and wear makeup every day!

    Katie <3


      sounds like she got lucky in the skin department :/ I didnt get adult acne until I became a military wife and our first move was overseas to Germany.


        How strange! Do you think the change in place/water/atmosphere may have had something to do with it?

    Jemma Andrew

    I’ve never tried these products before. When I stay up late I really feel it the next day.

    Sarah Woods

    Stress and lack of sleep are my biggest triggers. I can always tell when I have had a really bad day because I wake up with a HUGE breakout. There is nothing worse than adult acne.


    Stress and lack of sleep are my biggest things I need to work on. But isn’t it for most people?


    Interesting! I definitely have skin issues– adult acne, oily, blah skin. I find that if I drink enough water and get enough sleep I’m good to go.


      I have the adult acne to and drink more water than I need to and I get enough sleep yet it never helps my skin


    Gosh this made me even more aware how my skin needs more care! Cause I have all the same enemies you mentioned! Yikes! i’ll have to that product out…..wonder if they have something for sensitive skin!


    Stress always causes my skin issues

    Betsy Gettis

    Stress is totally a problem for me! I can always feel those breakouts coming when i’m stressed!

    Felt With Love Designs

    Ahh! Stress and lack of sleep are my biggest problems.

    Nikki Rae

    My skin is always best when I eat a lot of greens. Or if I’m juicing. I have a tendency to be blotchy but when the right food, I clear right up. The right product helps too.


      thats good that it clears up when your eating greens. I eat greens and juice and eat clean but still have problematic skin :/

    Ayana Pitterson

    I definitely notice a marked downgrade in my skin when I am most stressed. I would love if they can invent something for stress. However, since we are light years away from that invention, we are definitely a slave to the beauty products. Thank you for sharing.

    Thrifting Diva

    Ashley Nicholas

    I seriously love the Vichy Idealia serum and eye cream. They’ve made a big difference in the appearance of my skin!

    Mia Myrabev

    sounds like a great serum, I must confess I don’t really use serums at the moment


      I figure that your only given one face so make sure to take care of it 🙂 Serums are a good way of going the extra mile to take good care of your skin.