Zoya Polish: Daul and Monica from the Fall 2012 Designer and Diva Collection


For todays nails I decided to use the color Monica on all my nails except for the accent nail, which was painted with Daul. Monica is a dark mulberry purple cream shade from Zoya’s new Fall Designer Collection. Dual is is a beautiful magic sparkly violet metallic foil from Zoya’s new fall Diva Collection. The pictures do not do justice to how beautiful this polish is and boy does it ever sparkle in the sun.

Instead of just doing one accent nail like I normally do, I decided to spice it up a little bit and paint the tips as well! As you can see from the picture when dual is applied over Mulberry it becomes more of a straight golden sparkle. Mulberry however stays the same color when applied over Daul. (sorry in advance for some of the yellow tones in some of the pictures. My camera lighting was off and I didn’t realize it when I took the photos)


Mulberry left Daul right

Trying to show some of the beautiful sparkle Daul has



Rating: A+
Overall: I love the formulation of the polishes and love the colors for Fall. Mulberry can easily be applied with just 1 coat but I always prefer to apply 2 coats when I do my nails. Daul is more sheer but builds beautifully, I used 3 coats in the photos. Mulberry is a perfect fall shade and since metallics will be in this fall Daul is also perfect for this fall!
Where to purchase: Zoya
Price: $8.00
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    jennifer zuna

    I have acrylic nails and im always looking for new colors and designs…thanks for sharing this!


    Beautiful nail polish! Love it!


    Your nails came out gorgeous! I love the one nail that changes up a bit with a glitter nail and solid color tip. The colors are great, definitely a good color for fall, and you did a fantastic job.

    Isabella Grey

    Those look so great! I wish I had nails enough to paint on.